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Service Overview This transmitter features in-field replaceable electronics module that thanks to the auto-configuration functionality dramatically improves plant productivity. Its intuitive plug-and-play display with easy setup procedure really helps users by saving time and lowering maintenance and inventory costs. Moreover, the innovative TTG Through The Glass technology allow users to configure the instruments in the field without removing the windowed front cover and consequently to save a lot of time setting all parameters by using the finger tips in few minutes. In addition, DSH features Plugged Impulse Line Detection as standard helping customer in detecting when the impulse line are going to be plugged.

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Please, once is fine. Let me do it. This is awful Louise said from behind her. Five minutes later But Jinrai had consumed considerable dogeza power in recent months, so the effectiveness was already diminishing.

She wanted to seal her black history forever. Only once is fine. Please let me do it. Kazane eventually gave in. And with the return of Yumika and the others, they had finally completed everything. Fortunately, it seemed no human figures appeared among the bones. The degree of difficulty had considerably changed from how it was supposed to be originally, but the Griffon subjugation had been completed, and Kazane and the others decided to return to Sorae Village once.

That Skill It was during special training that morning. It embodied the terror of a genuine Devil King; it had an instant death effect on those with weak hearts, and it applied tremendous pressure over a wide range. As a result, Naoki facing her had fallen on his backside from fear. Jinrai and Yumika, who had high fighting strength, had prepared for battle, and the other members had backed off in fear. A few leaked a little.

There had been noisy flapping as all the birds perching in the surrounding trees had flown away at once. When they returned to the village, the villagers were making an uproar over worries that monsters from the Dark Forest had come to attack.

Cows were mooing, cats were meowing, and Mirua glared at Yumika, who became teary-eyed at the confusion. For some reason, black clouds came from a distance and thunder reverberated, so it seemed it also had the power to control weather. That might have simply been a coincidence. In the midst of the noisy annoyances, Kazane and the others had decided to flee from the village. No, they were simply leaving as planned, but they felt like fugitives. If I had activated it in a place like Deer South, it would have been dangerous in various ways.

There was no doubt that a situation that could be called a catastrophe would occur. Kazane wanted to overwrite it as soon as possible. Even if they were words with good intentions, even if they were words from a close friend. And just before the floating island, or in other words, just before the Dark Forest, the carriage stopped. Therefore, this place was the closest they could get to the floating island on the highway.

It was the place Jinrai had longed for since his childhood. No, not just Jinrai. This large storage space could store several things together, like including the furniture with the Cottage. However, it had the troublesome specification that everything that was stored together would be taken out together. Kazane used her Item Box for items that would often be taken out and the Mysterious Warehouse for materials and the like.

By the way, for some reason, items inside the Item Box spoiled normally. It seemed like something terrible would happen if she left something like an onigiri in there for a few months. As an aside, in the past, a girl put onigiri in her bag before summer vacation, then forgot about it and left it alone. It was an abominable memory from an ancient time. That tragedy must not be repeated. Kazane had the power to learn from the mistakes of the past and avoid tragedy.

Anyway, everything unnecessary was put away, and now only her companions and the Thunder Chariot remained. The Thunder Chariot had evolved during the Dragon Bear subjugation, so it was bigger and could seat eight instead of six. Then everyone boarded the carriage, and when Kazane used her Dragonization Skill, a blue dragon glittering with rainbow light appeared there. Since the Skill was now Lv2, her Dragonized body had a total length of more than 7 meters.

She grabbed the carriage with that figure, spread her wings, then sprang up into the sky.


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Intel® Pentium® II Processor 266 MHz, 512K Cache, 66 MHz FSB



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