So instead of comparing the xw solely with the xw, Ill compare the xw with its predecessor, the xw After that Ill look at what the xw can do, and see how the LP display complements and rounds out the system. Virtually everything is improved, from case acoustics to memory capacity and processor handling. The system is much quieter, can handle double the amount of RAM 64GB - up from 32 and supports the latest Opteron series of processors. The newest generation NForce chipset with improved memory handling means more bandwidth and less latency. Pricing and Configuration As I mentioned previously, the new HP workstations are provided in four tiers, rather than the usual three.

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Throughout this document, all references to hard drives include solid state drives. Page 2 Your responsibilities You are responsible for determining whether the product is appropriate for your use and will interface with other equipment without malfunction or damage. You are also responsible for backing up data before installing any product and for regularly backing up data after installing the product. HP is not liable for any damage to equipment or data loss resulting from the use of any product.

Any surface or area of the equipment marked with this symbol indicates the presence of a hot surface or hot component. If this surface is contacted, the potential for injury exists.

To reduce the risk of injury from a hot component, enable the surface to cool before touching. Any surface or area of the equipment marked with this symbol indicates the presence of an electrical shock hazard. All illustrations are examples only.

Accessing the internal components of the computer 1. Page 5 Step 2—Preparing and installing the hard drive Identify your installation type from among the following types of internal hard drive installations detailed in the following sections. Computers with drive carriers that provide blind-mate docking. Computers with carrier rails that snap onto the hard drive.

Page 6 Computers with drive carriers that provide blind-mate docking 1. If a card support interferes with access to the system board connectors, remove it. Remove the drive carrier from the highest empty internal hard drive bay: a. Open the handle at the green touch-point 1. Slide thehard drive carrier out of the bay 2. Figure 1 Removing the hard drive carrier 3. Install the hard drive in the carrier: a. Position the carrier with the handle end down.

Page 7 4. Slide the drive carrier firmly into the hard drive bay, rotating the handle to snap it closed. Power and data connectors are pre-installed at the back of the bay. Install four guide screws into the holes near the corners on the sides of the hard drive.

Page 9 Installing a 2. Secure the drive into the carrier, as shown in Figure 5. Figure 5 Install the drive into the carrier 2.

Install the carrier into the computer using one of the four drive installation procedures previously detailed. Step 3—Connecting the power and data cables Follow the instructions for the correct type of drive being installed. SAS drives require installation of an adaptive interface before completing power and data connections.


Workstation HP xw9400

Surge tolerant withstands power surges up to V Yes Power consumption and heat dissipation Power consumption and heat dissipation specifications are available for multiple power supply configurations. For additional information about power-saving features, see your operating system documentation. This product is in compliance with U. Executive Order System fans and airflow The workstation includes one rear system fan, one memory fan, one processor CPU heatsink fan for each processor, and one power supply fan, plus a front system fan. Resetting the power supply If an overload triggers the power supply overload protection, all power is immediately shut off. To reset the power supply unit: Disconnect the power cord.


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