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And the fact that the metals are ernsink finite, while government greed is definitely infinite, typical fiat currencies are heading for a chaotic showdown on a number of fronts. I also have a very short-term horizon for pain.

Iannis xenakis metastasis

The maths underlying its construction, and the shapes it makes, have a direct correlation in the way Xenakis uses the instruments of the orchestra in Metastasis, organising the entries of the instruments, and the pitches they play, according to the working-out of mathematical and statistical formulae, translating the space of architectural planes into musical time. Take a look at his near-contemporary design for a " Cosmic City ", a gloriously sci-fi vision of the metropolis of the future - and what happens when Dan Dare meets curvy brutalism. And he designed a system for the conversion of graphic stimuli into sound, a programme he called UPIC and which has now morphed into more sophisticated computer software like IanniX.

Ilmu tarannum

Saya langsung tidak mengetahui kedua-dua bidang ini. Saya berpegang kepada integriti akademik. Ini bukan hasil daripada saya tetapi saya ambil daripada beberapa kertas kerja kursus tahsin al-Quran yang telah saya nyatakan di bahagian rujukan.

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