Voodoogar Please select country from the list below. Thank you for your inquiry and interest in ABB. This product review examines only features, not performance. HX pH pH transmitter. Today, we expect vendors to guarantee transparent connections between field devices and control systems. Would you like to sign in?

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Yes, it gets confusing when companies pick numbers and letters out of a hat instead of creating actual names, but what can you do? Nothing but get into the buyer guide! Of course, some retro lovers dig its old-school design. Courtesy of ABB The simple display shows your process variable and an alert if an issue comes up.

The entire device barely weighs in at 1. Now ABB calls this a multi-parameter transmitter, but it has only one channel to measure process variables! So where does the multi fit in? Well, you can switch out sensors, I guess. But how many people here expected more? Not wise to raise expectations, then fall short, ABB. Also, it has an IP65 rating, meaning dust-tight and water resistant at lower altitudes.

Desirability ABB has a strong reputation to support its simple device, and this reputation holds up. Courtesy of wateronline If you want fancy, then ABB has other options for you to look at. But if you just want a simple, cheap device to measure your process, then consider the TB82PH. WTW may not ring a bell in some countries, but this company has some good analytical devices. And what does it remind you of? It helps a lot to give users a familiar design.

Courtesy of wtw Small and light, it weighs around 0. I like its white backlight more than the typical orange or green.

Regardless, you can configure it through the local keypad and its direct navigation. Capability Once again, we have multi-parameter claims, and once again, the product falls short. It has only a single channel for a single sensor.

Really, WTW? Anyway, it can measure ORP, conductivity, oxygen, or turbidity. And no loop power, either. Yep, cables everywhere. No digital protocol, just analog. Harsh but true.

So it provides a compact design and easy setup for a good price. You can do a lot with those. And it provides a decent user experience with its menu navigation and mobile platform. Table of comparison.





pH / ORP transmitters


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