There could be such boundaries with RR products such as reselling the product at a certain price. PU Personal Use Personal Use licenses can only be used for personal affairs, such as reading, sharing only if stated , teaching. Products with PU cannot in anyway be resold or changed as this license restricts such acts. With personal use licenses you may make a unlimited amounts of backup copies.

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One of my clients had his site totally de-indexed by Google today — but not because of me. So, to me, I would rather help my readers save their sites if possible and risk upsetting a fellow marketer. Know what else is scary? All these sites look almost exactly the same! Not later, not in a few minutes… go do it NOW.

I know Tiffany was reviewing this training program… and she got nailed. She got a big nasty message for the Google AdSense team. From what I read, she did not lose her entire AdSense account thank goodness , but they DID ban that k site of hers.

And yes, she did have that footer link on her site, too. Footprints are BAD. Those sites all had easy-to-trace footer links…and many, many, MANY got deindexed. I hope you will stop putting these type of footer links on the theme you give students to use. Summing Up If you have a k BluePrint site, check the footer of your theme. Consider changing your theme so your site does NOT look like every other k site.

Also, consider de-activating your AdSense ads for awhile. Might as well do a site: yourdomainname. If it is still indexed, you might be able to save it.

If you find your site is NOT still in the Google index, well….. Might even think about filing a reconsideration request with Google if it is worth it to you. Bottom line: As I said earlier, I am not one to ever do posts like this that talk negatively about a product. But I think it is totally worth it right now! If I happen to be wrong about this — I am more than happy to accept any flack I get for it.

Questions, comments, or rants at me? Feel free to leave in the comments area. No Ratings Yet.


Adsense 100k Blueprint Version 2 | Adsense 100k Blueprint Version 2 Pdf

Words and to a smaller extent videos are what give search engines like Google something to do. Content is such a fundamental part of the internet that those who understand it have made a LOT of money The business model of content is not a big secret. It has been taught in various forms around internet marketing circles for years. Demand media worth somewhere between 1 and 2 billion dollars even has it posted on their mission statement.


Adsense 100k blueprint + adsense 100k blueprint download.mp4

How would you rate the difficulty or amount of work compared to AffiloJetpack? The business model of content is not a big secret. It might be time you got back to the basics. Create content around those keywords. Like in Jetpack, they said people often get stuck on keyword research, or articles writing, or getting traffic, adssense converting traffic into sales. But how much money you make will depend a lot on the quality of the keywords you choose. Not because it was groundbreaking stuff.

DIN 30722 PDF

Adsense $100K Blueprint Version 3.0.1


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