Buy Linear audio reproduction and USB studio interface. M1Active USB is a studio monitoring system designed for professional studio use with an internal digital-audio interface. M1Active USB is a pair of active, bi-amplified, two-way reference monitors that play from 20, Hz all the way down to 56 Hz to cover nearly all frequencies audible to human ears. Reference Monitoring We built M1Active USB around our popular five-inch polypropylene low-frequency driver for full, smooth response in the low end and our one-inch silk dome high-frequency driver for absolute clarity in the highs.

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Then adjust the equalizers of the enclosure as follows: Tweeter 0 limitation of lower than 0 proximity effect in a low-cut at 56 Hz The sound will be absolutely correct and balanced the speaker position is important, but this is your ear to guide you Frankly if the image is observed, the sound is clear and no fatigue of the ear appeared to me. Keep these small speakers even if you invest in the more expensive it will serve you a second listen, and for those who have limited means you can always work in decent conditions.

I use them for mixing and mastering for a demo project with my group. Specifications are available on the Alesis site. I put 8 because the features seem good and that "if we listen to him," these are the speakers for me. No, I do not think so. I started to side tracks we recorded with my group. This made a lot already on the alesis.

I decided to stroll a little about everything that moves. Logitech speakers on my computer mean that low some opinions say that the bass is monstrous I do not want to have to make the corner to hear the bass. So it does not care shit to the mix. Ditto on the sound of our speakers to repeat the coxx So here You can have a good mix, but it still sounded a bit messy compared to the pro.

I like their look the blue light ptite it does , the fact that they are compact and make it still sound good in general. I have not tried other models and I regret it. The choice of wallet, avoid a few times. The value is certainly good but for euros more you have the MKII, which are probably much better. With the experience I would do not have that choice. I will keep these speakers for listening to music at home I have no stereo in my apartment. I will try to finish the mix of our demo somehow.

Do not buy these speakers for a mix of very good quality. In a context "model" it can go but I hope my opinion could be helpful. A more 3 of 3 people found this review helpful Did you find this review helpful? I bought these speakers there 6 months, exaspr through my hi-fi chain and my headphones Sony MDR that does not allow me to mix my pieces correctly: Whenever I coutais on monitors with some friends, I went out a notebook, a pen and I noticed that there was anything touch It is true that paper characteristics are allchantes, and the price is good for what it is; so I put 7.

But compared to the humming of the manual and technical paper promises, we dchante a bit But now that I am aware of their flaws, I ask myself: is it mandatory that pregnant have gaps like the Alesis, or is it that these are REALLY M1 Active - Poor bottom mdiums - Produce a blast, even low volume - Not very practical rgler volume knobs to the rear could be crants In short, a lot of minor complaints overall, but additionns, make me understand the very lev took some monitors.

While these Alesis make good service, and it was imperative to invest the inside rather than continue with my hi-fi chain, but one day, when I have more money, I will invest in "real" monitors, it is indispensable. Did you find this review helpful?

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M1Active 520 USB

The new models certainly look very different to the M1 Active MkII, with their computer-style power switches on top of the cabinet and their blue illuminated power indicators. At heart, however, they are based on the proven engineering principles of a ported two-way active system, in this case with the port at the rear of the cabinet. Features The cabinets are solidly built, with one-inch-thick front baffles. Both the woofer and the tweeter waveguides are recessed flush with the front baffle and fixed with cross-head screws. The smaller M1 Active utilises a 75W amplifier, while the has a W amplifier, and both models are magnetically shielded for use near CRT video monitors. The one-inch, silk-dome tweeter receives 25W of power, while the five-inch woofer a light but stiff polypropylene cone set into a rubber surround receives 50W.


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