The authorities repeated attempts to have her declared insane, she says, left her no other option. This book, a first of its kind in India, is an outpouring of her experiences as a nun for thirty-three years. Spirited and fun-loving, from a good family, deeply-rooted in Catholicism, Jesme was drawn to religious life at seventeen after a Retreat at junior college. As a nun, seven years later, she felt distressed at the many ills growing inside the convent and being forced to remain silent about them. There was corruption, by way of donations for college seats; sexual relations between some priests and nuns, and between nuns; class distinctions whereby the cheduthies, or poorer and less-educated sisters, did menial jobs; and a wide gap between comforts and facilities enjoyed by the priests and nuns. Jesme was permitted to complete her doctorate in English Literature, to pursue her passion for literature, cinema and teaching college students.

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Shelves: non-fiction This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. There are 2 sides to Amen. First is, how is Amen as an entertainment medium and second is the subject matter. And although its difficult to separate the two, I have to make that distinction here. Amen is an autobiography of a nun, something thats very apparent from the name.

Sister Jesme, born in , realized that she wanted to spend her life in service to Jesus when she was in her late teens. She completed all those courses and compulsory tests that you are supposed to do if you want to become There are 2 sides to Amen. She completed all those courses and compulsory tests that you are supposed to do if you want to become a nun, for years and years apparently.

After joining the Church as a nun, she realizes that things are not like she thought they would be. Sister Jesme was forced into a homo relationship with a sister and although everyone knew about it they did not object.

In fact they encouraged her to co-operate for their peace of mind. She also states examples where a few priests are involved in sexual relationships with the nuns. She also tells us that corruption is very common in schools and colleges run by the church. They ask for donations and many sisters harbor petty jealousies against other sisters. Sister Jesme was very outspoken on various issues such as donations among others which led to some of the senior sisters turning against her.

They perceived her as a threat. She gives a lot of examples and incidents to prove the point. After some years, when she becomes the principle of a college, they try to remove her from the post by falsely accusing her of wrong doings. When that is unsuccessful, they try to get her admitted to a mental hospital and start treatments on her.

Finally, she has enough and leaves the Congregation and goes into hiding. She is afraid that they will force her to come back and eventually prove that she is mentally unstable. The press comes to know about it and they question the congregation. They tell them that she is mentally unstable. This book is one more embarrassment to the Catholic Church in Kerala along with the string of incidents that splashed on South Indian newspapers recently. There was a Sister Abhaya Murder case in which two Catholic priests and a nun were arrested and the suicide case of a nun who was made to do all the chores in the convent and in the night she was sexually harassed by the head of the convent.

In march issue, X, no. The cover carries a photograph of my body, across which are plastered my references to sex in the book, taken out of context. A few corrupt priests and nuns should not be allowed to corrupt the entire church system.

I hope the church instead of denying the charges and accusations, try to find out the guilty and make it safe for others. Now onto the point about how entertaining was the book. Honestly it was boring. But I finished it because I wanted to know what happened.

The writing style is very novice and like reading history notes or something. One incident blends into the other and before you try and understand what happened you are pulled into an entirely non-related incident. I literally had to slog through it. Sorry Sister Jesme, but I think you should have co-written it with another author. This book was first released in Malayalam although it was originally written in English. Conclusion: Skip it. Read the news and Google the reviews. Time is too precious.

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Sorry Sister Jesme, but I think you should have co-written it with another author. Sister Jesme — Wikipedia By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Congratulations for the ROTD status! Most join the order in young age due to family compulsions or ignorance. You present it in the most difficult situation nook hunted from all corners.


Amen: The autobiography of a nun



Amen An Autobiography Of A Nun



Sister Jesme


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