Which requirements do you demand in durability, quality and flexibility? The tested gloves in the database is primarily produced in thicknesses from 0. We will receive and approve your application within 1 hour Step 3. Making it easy and convenient for you to find proper safety equipment. In every dataguide you will be given the option to show a number of results per page. You can click on each column title like the shown below to easily sort results ind ascending og descending order.

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AOHNS provides a new avenue for clinical investigators, clinicians, and trainees to publish their research. AOHNS is a journal with a vigorously, timely peer-review policy and a rapid publication process. AOHNS aims to bring about a change in modern scholarly communications to accelerate scientific discoveries and to help disseminate research to a wider readership, gain media attention and demonstrate professional achievement through publication.

The mission of AOHNS is to promote research in science for the benefit of humanity and to advance the science and practice of otorhinolaryngology as well as head and neck surgery. AOHNS is a reliable journal with a scope of high-quality science information that will lead in terms of attracting the best possible science that can provide the best impact.

Subject areas include, but are not limited to, general otolaryngology, allergy, rhinology, otology, neurotology, laryngology, bronchoesophagology, head and neck surgery, sleep medicine, pediatric otolaryngology, facial plastics and reconstructive surgery, oncology, and communicative disorders. AOHNS features original research, analyses and reviews, news, practice updates, thought-provoking editorials, expert opinion articles, forward-looking perspectives, commentaries, image, and book reviews.

The journal will also accept contributions that present innovative and improved methods, or resources that advances basic research with broad interests. AOHNS embraces new and emerging trends quickly by periodically publishing special issues.

During his training, he has had exposure to a broad spectrum of otorhinological procedures, as well as more specialized areas described below. As a fellow, he gained invaluable basic science research and laboratory skills. He has had broadened surgical experience by operating both independently and within a team framework. His passion for teaching has created an atmosphere receptive to learning. His Skull-Base fellowship in Cambridge provided him with outstanding skills in that surgery as well as insights into the NHS structure.

In his current post, he has undertaken all the administrative, teaching and on-call duties associated with a professorial chairmanship in a busy teaching hospital serving a population of eastern Westphalia in Bielefeld. During Professor Sudhoff training and work as a Consultant, Professor Sudhoff has a extensive experience in middle ear procedures. He has participated as an invited lecturer in many national and international courses performing live surgery. Professor Sudhoff has received further training in the management of lateral skull base tumours and acoustic brainstem implants ABI in Cambridge, UK under the supervision of Mr.

David Moffat, Mr. Patrick Axon and Mr. Robert Macfarlane Neurosurgeon. Professor Sudhoff organized the multidicipinary skull base meetings as well as the NF2 clinics.

He received training in all aspects of middle ear and skull base surgery, and reached the stage of developing independently new procedures e. Balloon Eustachian Tuboplasty in middle-ear surgery and in the management of all diseases of lateral skull base pathologies.

Professor Sudhoff has received extensive training in the management of benign and malignant head and neck disease. He is competent and confident in performing a wide range of head and neck surgical procedures, ranging from thyroid and parotid surgery to managing tertiary referral oral and oropharyngeal tumours, and complex transfacial approaches for malignant skull base disease in both adult and paediatric patients. The latter includes midfacial degloving e.

He also received extensive training in transoral laser microsurgery for primary and post-radiation-failure management of head and neck cancers. With regards to reconstruction, while he prefers to work in a multi-disciplinary team with plastic surgeons. Research Experience Professor Sudhoff has developed many research protocols from planning to implementation, publication and finally leading to a change of clinical practice.

He was able to establish two research laboratories Bochum University and Bielefeld and generated the funding for both labs without intramural funding. Additionally he established a temporal bone dissection laboratory. Professor Sudhoff has been successful in obtaining appropriate ethical and grant approvals of several Million Euros, the latter from numerous sources, both at a formal Scholarship Level to National Research Agency Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG.

Professor Sudhoff has also been involved in several multi-centre clinical trials as well basic science research resulting in more than publications in peer reviewed journals, 43 book chapters and 6 books. Research on Eustachian tube dysfunction led directly to the development of the novel technique of balloon dilation tuboplasty BET , which is now scattered worldwide. Professor Sudhoff is on the editorial board of 12 peer reviewed journals.

Murray Grossan received his medical degree from Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years. In addition to authoring academic articles, Dr. Grossan is an expert in bio-feedback and teaches his patients his action program which includes using a mirror as a bio-feedback mechanism.

He is known for original thinking, especially for drug free therapies he has developed for tinnitus, empty nose syndrome, allergy, sinusitis and others. He completed his residency and obtained a PhD degree in Horst R. Konrad, Dr.

Robert Helfert, and Dr. Leonard Rybak. Nakayama specializes in vestibular function, rehabilitation, and basic research of vestibular organs. After returning from the USA, Prof. Nakayama established a sister school relationship between Aichi Medical University and Southern Illinois University and continued a good relationship with numerous students and researchers.

Since then, He started new research on sleep disorders. In addition to equilibrium research, he combined his skills in otoneurology and discovered a new relationship between otoneurological diseases and sleep disorders.

Since he could speak Japanese, English, Taiwanese, and Chinese, he was invited for teaching and research cooperation, and also received researchers from Asian countries such as Xian Jiotong University and Dalian Medical University China.

Rarely in the history of medical science, as a physician working on both otoneurology and sleep medicine, he is creating a new medical field connected with the two mysterious diseases.

Clinical Experience After completion of his PhD degree on vestibular function and microscopic research of the vestibular organs, Professor Nakayama was trained as an otology surgeon under Prof. Since the establishment of Good Sleep Center, he had focused on sleep apnea surgeries, especially for children.

In , he cooperated with Prof. David Gonzal in the Department of Pediatrics, University of Chicago, and discovered seasonal changes on sleep apnea children that offered new information for surgical indication internationally in Nakayama spent most of his time on vestibular research for the last thirty years. While he worked with Professor Horst Konrad at the School of Medicine, Southern Illinois University, the group paid attention to working on vestibular rehabilitation that was not recognized well in Nakayama attended vestibular teaching courses as a lecturer and played an important role in publishing the rehabilitation textbook, entitled Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy for the Patient with Dizziness and Balance Disorders: Exercise Protocols, with the Southern Illinois University group at that time.

Nakayama is a good friend of Dr. He is a leader and takes more than a thousand dizzy patients a year in his clinic with a balanced group in Nagoya City University Hospital. Nakayama has been the Chief Director of the Good Sleep Center since and has brushed up on his skills in sleep apnea surgeries. He also discovered a new research on both balance and sleep medicines. In clinical practice, he has focused on sleep apnea. A polysomnogram test was performed in more than patients annually, with most of the cases sleep disorders such as hypersomnia, circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders, or sleep-related movement disorders.

Recently, his group has not only reported a new finding on the relation of globus pharyngeus and sleep disorders, but also offered a new expectation between otolaryngology and sleep disorders to all otolaryngologists in the world. Sobel specializes in benign and malignant tumors of the head and neck, including thyroid and parathyroid glands, salivary glands, tongue and oral cancers, throat cancer, larynx, neck masses, and advanced skin cancers such as malignant melanoma.

Sobel is fellowship-trained in TransOral Robotic Surgery and minimally invasive surgical approaches in head and neck surgery. He is also a published author and frequent presenter on topics involving head and neck surgery and research. During his 18 years of service, he had conducted numerous surgical workshops, and organized various national conferences.

He also authored a surgical atlas and numerous international academic publications. Kuo continues to make contributions to the scientific community.

His primary field of study is otology, and his research is focused on middle ear surgery and hearing loss. Kuo has been invited to speak at international conferences and institutes. Kuo has been the first or corresponding author on more than 50 published articles in the last 5 years, including SCI original papers, review articles, as well as book chapters. In , his research paper was chosen as the cover story of the journal Audiology and Neurotology.

In addition, Dr. Kuo believes that increased availability of research data can benefit both medical research and science education. For further details regarding his research, please use the following link to access his blog. Since , Dr. Her research interests include Newborn hearing screening, audiologic assessment in children, Auditory evoked potential, Plasticity and development of central auditory system, cochlear implant. He clinically focuses on head and neck cancer, endoscopic sinus surgery, endoscopic skull base surgery, and neurotology.

His research interests include clinical outcomes of endoscopic skull base surgery, immunoregulation in allergic rhinitis, and novel topical therapies for chronic rhinosinusitis and allergic rhinitis. Mohamed Khamis Tolba Mahmoud Abdalla has been credentialed as an Assistant consultant of ENT at National Guard Health Affairs at KSA, he had been working in Alexandria university hospitals as a specialist registrar for two years after finishing three years training program to fulfill the requirement of the university to get the certificate of completion of surgical training.

He, also, has several projects in medical education particularly ENT education. Alfio Ferlito graduated in medicine at the University of Bologna in He completed his residence programme in otolaryngology and subsequently in pathology. Ferlito has collaborated in writing articles, editorials, commentaries, consensus statements, letters to the editor, special issues, book chapters and books with international experts. Clinical wise, Dr. She earned her Ph.

Due to his great contribution to the academia in research and clinical publication, he was elected Fellow of Academy of Sciences Malaysia in April She was a visiting scholar at Stanford Department of OHNS between with a focus on plastic surgery and rhinoplasty.

During this time she also developed a keen interest in anesthesiology and from collaborated and worked together simultaneously with Stanford Department of Anesthesiology and Stanford Department of OHNS while authoring and co-authoring many peer reviewed publications in plastic surgery, rhinoplasty and anesthesiology.

Her clinical interests focus primarily on critical airway management. She is married and has one child. Her hobbies include yoga, hiking and cooking techniques in authentic Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. His primary clinical interest is endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery. His research interests include the basic and clinical research of chronic rhinosinusitis, allergic rhinitis, olfactory dysfunction, and skull base tumors.

She had acquired several short term grants on head and neck diseases and tumours.



Making it easy and convenient for you to find proper safety equipment. Anioxyde — Glove Hand protection — Data ID: Started with safety, health and the environment in mind for danish companies now also to the private and public sector D-S Dataguide guarantees an extensive and daily updated platform for you. Conversely you will need to change glove more often than the penetration time indicates. One should therefore expect shorter or longer breakthrough time depending on glove material thickness. Which requirements do you demand in durability, quality and flexibility? The green arrow indicates which sorting you choose.


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