Ellis Manufacturing Products Pumps Ellis manufactures a complete line of sub-surface sucker rod pumps for oil production in compliance with API 11AX quality management system. Barrels Pump barrels are available for a wide variety of pumping conditions, ranging from mild to extremely abrasive and corrosive service. Barrels are internally hardened, chrome plated or nickel carbide plated for superior performance. Seats are lapped with appropriate size balls to ensure a fluid tight seal. Materials include stainless steel, cobalt alloy, tungsten carbide, nickel carbide, titanium carbide and silicon nitride. E-Hard Plungers The friction between barrel and plunger is a very important factor to be taken into consideration during the pump selection and the service life of the assembly will depend on that fact.

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Full Description Please note. Any addenda or errata may not be included in translated editions of this standard.

This specification provides the requirements and guidelines for the design of subsurface sucker rod pumps and their components as defined herein for use in the sucker rod lift method for the petroleum and natural gas industry. The specification covers subsurface sucker rod pump assemblies including insert and tubing , components and fittings, in commonly used bore sizes for the sucker rod lift method. Sufficient dimensional and material requirements are provided to assure interchangeability and standardization of all component parts.

Many components and fittings are prescriptively specified in this standard and thus do not require a design package. However, some components require design packages. These components are listed in the following tables: C. The specification does not cover specialty subsurface sucker rod pump accessories or special design components. Also, installation, operation, and maintenance of these products are not included in this specification, however recommendations can be found in API 11AR.

The formulation and publication of API specifications and the API monogram program are not intended in any way to inhibit the purchase of products from companies not licensed to use the API monogram.


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It is comprised of seven parts, separated by dashes. Example: RHBM Each part, in order, describes the following specifications: Nominal tubing size inch — given as a key representing the actual size Basic bore size inch Type of pump, type of barrel, location and type of seating assembly letter code Barrel length ft Length of upper extension, used with heavy-wall barrel inch Length of lower extension, used with heavy-wall barrel inch Important Properties of API Sucker Rod Pumps The field of application of an API subsurface pump is mainly determined by the type of pump, type of barrel and location of the seating assembly. The following section provides you with everything you need to know on this matter API pump designation letter codes given in parenthesis. Type of Pump Rod pump, R — A rod pump, also called insert pump, is mounted inside the tubing string. Advantage Lower service costs compared to tubing pumps, as the pump can be removed by pulling only the rod string.




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