Back to Alchemy Forum page. From: "Corey Brand" I have just obtained, after many years of searching, the book by Armand Barbault. After the moments I spent today paging through it, I find it proves to be an astonishing piece of work. Is anyone on this list familiar with this contemporary alchemist, or has anyone tried his experiments? I take it that this book is as straight-forward as it claims to be.

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The essential preoccupation of the wise men of old was to discover and capture the universal energies surrounding them. We may legitimate1y postulate that initiates of other ages possessing knowledge which has now partly vanished, had access to the secret of continuing youth. There are many legends about such an elixir of long life. Nearer our own time, the potable gold of the alchemists was reputed to possess marvellous healing properties. I t was said to be effective against the most tenacious ilinesses, regenerating the organism and assuring the user of a ripe old age.

Today we know nothing of all this. In this way you will have been shown that the effectiveness. Yet the turmoil of modern life, the poUution invisible life forces which operate in the reverse manner to of air and ocean, the spread of radiation aU bear and gravity are more in evidence in the morning than at night.

For this reason many researchers consider that of old built a large part of their knowledge. This strated, act similarly on the whole vegetable kingdom. They act in exact1y the same manner on human beings, too.

Look at a child running, jumping or simply walking along. As the stem does not feel the weight Initial observations and essentiai analogies of the buds it supports, so the child seems not to experience the weight of its body.

His tread is heavy, his head diligent observer of nature, able to give attention to the withdrawn into his shoulders, as if with age the physical smaller details of natural phenomena when they appear to deadweight of the body has gained the upper hand. These are tion. The man to whom such a preparation was given the universal etheric or fluidic forces which take part in the could, one imagines, regenerate his entire organism and life processes of plants and animals.

Their laws are in no probably prolong his life considerably. This was the idea way the laws of gravity. Look at plants or creepers as they in the minds of the wise men as they researched into the raise their flexible, sap-fil1ed stems into the spring sky.

The fragile supporting stem does not seem aware of first, which is of enormous interest. One may observe it in this excess weight. Is one not led to think that gravity has a field of wheat on a fine, clear spring morning. It is the lost its power? It seems as if the gap which fills the stems phenomenon of the dewdrop. These evaporate at sunrise and plant it. You will be surprised to find that, during the short produce a covering of mist.

Here, again, gravity seems to time the plant is out of the earth, the compression effect have been overcome. The stems bend under the weight of the cal1y opposed to rain whose drops fall on condensation.

The planting. I thought, too, that it was possible to of this book. It never entered my head that it was necessary to tions which will now be described. But it is, for the First Matter is a whole containing all those living elements capable of evolution and dependent on the processes to The Dawn of the M agicians begins at which the adept subjects them.

They spiritual labours, I was led to seek out a new substance to also researched ways of producing a hermetic preparation act in a supporting capacity. All the able by the human body. The body, thus plugged in to characteristics of this substance, its choice, preparation sources necessary for its balanced functioning, would be and acquisition, will be described in a separate chapter. But at the same time it was then mixed with the contents of the vessels when they had necessary to find a way of preserving plants exactly as they been subjected to the gentle fire of the first coction.

To this end, plants were much more complex. I refer to them in a previous book published in and finally to take a perfectly predetermined path. Once I watched it take on little by little the required remainder.

It is this subtle part which, once extracted, is black colour, becoming tainted at its lowest point and then suitable for the preparation of hermetic remedies. For a changing to the Absolute Black. The Major Leaven is asaline operating in the open air.

Few believed that I would ever succeed in my appeared during incineration. The salts, liberated by this task and were reinforced in their doubt by the fact that separation of compounds, contain the life forces. These are the results from one year to the next were minimal. Vet imprisoned from now on and cannot be rec1aimed by however little the progress made, it was sufficient to arouse nature. It is quite obvious that spiritual forces were involved opposite roles of sap and of dew.

These two liquids are here. Their presence was indeed continually felt and, as poles apart. Sap nourishes the matter; dew, on the other long as one persevered, they showed the way to success. Dew should in some ways be considered Remember that, up till now, no hermetic or alchemical the excrement of the plant since it is exuded from it.

It acts work inherited from the ancients has given detail of the on the First Matter in rather the same way that urine helps modus operandi.

The silence is even more complete when in the disintegration of a dung-heap, a vital stage in the it comes to indicating the exact nature of the First Matter, enriching of dung. Black, when the First Matter crumbles like powder. I was then ready to begin incineration of a complete redness, so that all combustible again. My continual aim was to enrich the First Matter.

These had been concentrated and fixe d sap and the dew to become fixed in the salts. It is said that tion of mixtures took place. This process constitutes one at this stage the living partic1es no longer fear the fire but of the secrets of the spagirists.

I then distilled dew until it rose 10 to ported to a higher dimension which still remains to be 15 mm above the mass of aurified ashes. When exposed to progressive, mental purposes to several organisations open to this kind yet gentle heat, the mixture soon begins to bubble and a of science.

To be interested in such a preparation of course sort of rhythmic movement is observed which allows the presupposes that one admits, in addition to the physical gold particles to be attacked.

Once mate states of being. To has no toxic element which would prohibit its use. It is difficult to say. However, as Ishall seen fioating on the surface. It is the appearance of this stress a little later on, I am tempted to see in it, comparing star which indicates that the Elixir is perfect, but a further it with certain ancient texts, that Vegetable Gold so called period of waiting is needed before use can be made of it, as because the corresponding solvent is neither a metal nor a certain elements have to be deposited at the base of the mineral.

It comes from the earth and is transformed after receptacle. By this means one Spectrum analysis of the liquid, however, has never obtains a new powder, regenerated and capabIe in its turn revealed the existence of the gold. One is therefore bound after coction in a closed vessel on a gentle and long-burning to admit that the colour of the gold is not evident, in its fire in the presence of dew, of separating out the colour essentiai state, to the Iaws of optics. This corresponds fromgold.

In the quantity of Matter dried and freed of a thousand little 8 9 stones, which weighed 1. In , after incineration, the weight was still 1.

The new powder obtained in this way, equal in weight to the old, How the astrologers and alchemists possesses the same qualities as it. It will produce liquors observed and imitated the phenomena with the same therapeutic properties and the same colour of nature in preparing the peat and in as the earlier ones. It is sufficient to be attentive to the unfolding of the To understand the alchemists, one has to saturate oneself operations and always to act with great caution, for it is in the fund of knowledge on which their system was based.

In I confided the rules of astrology, a science which formerly presided over testing of the first liquors of gold which I possessed the study of nature. My intention here is not to give an to certain German laboratories whose way of thinking astrology or an alchemy lesson : those of you who are assured me of a welcome.

Following indisputable medical interested in these matters will have no difficulty in finding evidence of cures and a whole collection of detailed facts, the necessary texts. I decided to persevere and to elaborate this new medicine Nevertheless, to understand these texts, it seems to me in the hope of ensuring its application. In other words, to grasp what true alchemy is, to penetrate to the principles and laws, one has to be in the state of mind of the farmer who, from seed time to harvest never loses sight of his crop.

If I was not of peasant stock, if circumstances had not enabled me to observe and understand all aspects of nature, if I had not leamed about astrology, the principles of occultism and the four 10 II Two The Observation of Nature; Astrology elements, then in all probability the alchemical texts sky is revolving slowly round you.

Astrology is founded on would have remained a complete mystery to me. You will see how necessary it ing them to a geocentric system. Let of nature to her annual cyele. Each year, at certain times, us now go inta the laboratory where you will take your you will see nature bom afresh, bursting and blossaming, first steps.

Soon the Begin by forgetting what you have leamed, above all the flowers will be superceded by fruit, the seed carriers. In principles of astronomy-however perfect they may be. Similariy, there is good and From this knowledge they elaborated a science of profound bad, heaven and hell and so on.

By paying particular interest, yet one which today is scarcely known. But let us, using We can now get to the heart of the matter.

Try and get your bearings. Above broken down into two distinct phases : your head stretches the hemisphere of heaven. There is An outgoing phase covering spring and summer. Dtiring also a hemisphere under your feet but it is invisible to you. In whatever direction you walk, the An ingoing phase covering auturrm and winter. Now the sky seems to move with you and so you will never reach a plants die away entirely.

This is the way the world sured from the time of the auturrm equinox.



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Armand Barbault



Armand Barbault - Gold of a Thousand Mornings (1969)


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