Their contributions are highly appreciated and gratefully acknowledged. However I would like to mention some people who have been of special help to me during my studies: First of all Prophet Muhammad S. W, then to my parents and to my teachers. This report covers the internship undertaken at the Askari Bank Limited. The most important aspect in any developing country is the economic growth and the growth of its monetary based institutions. So banking sector can be considered as the backbone of economy of any country as it plays vital role in the development of the economy.

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Torg It receives the deposits at low rate and gives the loan at higher rate. Bank does not want to lose its principle for the sake of profit. Branch is well managed, well furnished and has an attractive building.

Organization is striving to improve and enhance its day to day activities by increasing bankk employee coordination and job satisfaction. This sort of a program helps farmer earn on a daily basis to meet his own needs any pay off any liabilities. Internship Report on Askari Bank Limited — Internship has also helped to improve my resume and increased my confidence. Sight rate is spot rate and Usance rate is discounted rate.

The innovative product for this segment is best rated in the market. Career paths Internship provides learning experience which cannot be provided in class room.

Bank provides services in the area of mergers, acquisition, privatization and underwriting. The shareholder fund or equity is 19, million rupees which have recognized an increase of Help Center Find new research papers in: Bank prefers to lend at lower rate than taking more risk for more profit. Is the customer will get over product at this place easily or not. Published by Gabriel McCoy Modified over 3 years ago.

Also the propriety of the tractor will the given by the manufacturer after an agreement with the bank. Instrument should be crossed. Performance of the bank can be evaluated by its business volume. Under this type of financing customers can purchase, transfer, renovate or ban their houses or apartments and under the rules of Musharakah a joint ownership is formed between the bank and intwrnship customer. In it the Askari bank divide the market into distinct group of buyers with different needs how might require.

It is the fastest way of transferring money. As an internee I have learnt how each member and department works together and depends on each other tasks. Lecture was given to me about society and trust accounts. Bank is providing loan facility to its customers working in all sectors of the economy to make them more develop than before.

Business Administration Page 26 F. In This week just know how work done in the various departments in the bank Like: There are also some other global challenges such as climate changes e. Remember me on this computer. Failure to exercise this care may result in serious consequences not only for the banker concerned but also for the other bankers and general public. Economic Analysis The outlook for the Pakistani banking sector remains relatively downbeat despite the potentially vast consumer market in the country.

Before the disbursement of finance securities must be obtained and all other formalities must be completed. It has a network consisting of branches and the operating in three regions in Pakistan namely North region, Central region and South region with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Jammu Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan making up the North region while Punjab lies in the Central region and Sindh and Baluchistan making up the South region. Acceptance of Cheques from Account Holders: A place where debtors and creditors of different commercial banks settle their claims.

The Bank selects the target market and then design the strategy according to them. Proper check and balance must be applied. The cancelled account is never issued to any other person. Internship Report on Askari Bank Limited First step in account opening procedure is askagi of account opening form. Askari Bank Limited was incorporated in Pakistan on October 9,as a public limited company. There are two types of revolving facility running finance and cash finance. Clubs, Societies and Association Accounts.

It keeps three sections as processing, documentation and management information system. Exporter is required to have an account with bank. In this department the money is transfer so many ways from one place to onternship place. A lot of water is wasted in the traditional sources and mechanized irrigation makes the optimum use of water making more area cultivable and helps farmers tap the natural water resources through water management practices.

Internship Report on Askari Bank New After his signature the counter-foil is handed over to the depositor. Head of the department manages each department and officials of the branch to follow the procedure. There is a need for expansion of the working area especially in the finance department as the work load is increasing and new recruitments are compulsory 4.

In case customer has lost his or her cheque book internshipp customer should stop payment first step should be stop payment of all cheques. Army welfare trust directly and indirectly holds a significant portion of the repoft equity at the year-end.

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internship report on askari-bank

Simply we can say to lend money bank need safety of its money. Located in Sialkot cantt which is a very good area people can easily come to the bank. Account is debited once even if there are any adjustments. Agriculture Department The role of agriculture in Pakistan economy is of pivotal nature.


Askari Bank Internship Report

Credit Cards Division The credit cards division CCD is responsible for managing the credit cards business of the bank. CCD is headquarter in Karachi as separate strategic business unit SBU of the bank with all internal functions including credit, operations, marketing, sales, finance and audit, perform independently. Its present focus is on managing the Askari Master Card brands, accepted worldwide also in locations in Pakistan. This was achieved through prudent risk management and effective control over operating expenses. It crossed the cards mark during the year- a significant achievement by any standards.

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