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NGX R65 is the newest release from the company. Downlaod the. For Integrity 6. Logs, which are now stored on the embedded Check Point Log Server, integrate with Check Point and third-party reporting tools.

The Check Point Log Server is a high-performance log server that scales to the needs of the most intensive customers. Archiving, backup, and restore are much simpler now with the embedded datastore.

Customers with more than 2, concurrent users should continue to use Integrity 6. Understanding the New VPN Options Rather than creating individual encryption rules to handle the traffic between VPN terminator gateways, the user need only create a VPN community and then specify the gateways and properties.

With NGX R65, Check Point has preserved this useful and simple mental model and has added some additional functionality. Whereas in NG AI, directionality in VPN communities was an all-or-nothing proposition, the ability to now specify directionality is useful. This allows the configuration of back-up links and on-demand links.

When you label a connection as wire mode, packets traversing this connection are not inspected by stateful inspection, enabling these connections to successfully fail over. In wire mode, dynamic routing protocols are available for VPN traffic. Allowing Permanent Tunnels Permanent tunnels are "nailed-up" connections. This permits more advanced monitoring of VPN traffic through these tunnels, and prevents latency problems for applications that are sensitive to link setup delays.

Configurable Metrics for Dial-up Routes The R65 provides the capability to separately configure the metric of dial-up routes. It substitutes for SecureClient for PocketPCs, works on a variety of platforms, facilitates simple deployments, and features an easy upgrade path. The client can be controlled by third-party applications via a programmable and extensible interface.

The client can then enforce the policies it received. The client does not download policies in this mode, but will implement a set of policies that were loaded upon client installation.

It can integrate with any gateway configured to provide SNX network mode. Interface Bonding Interface bonding facilitates the construction of a redundant, fully meshed topology in High Availability mode configurations. A fully meshed topology requires two interfaces on a gateway that attach to two switches one active and one passive. If a failure occurs on the active switch connection, the active interface senses the failure and will fail over to the supplementary bonded interface that is connected to the second switch.

Multicast Routing Failover Support The Multicast group, source address, and incoming and outgoing interface indexes of Multicast traffic are synchronized among all cluster members for cluster deployments in the NGX R This synchronization provides the capacity to continue Multicast sessions if a failover condition occurs.


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