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Ernest W. Flick, previously a chemical industry quality assurance administrator and technical writer Most helpful customer reviews 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful. A good place to start By Sheila No nonsense list of recipes. Not for someone who has never formulated cosmetics or Toiletry items. One needs to have a working knowledge of ingredients and chemistry. A must have for formulators. Each recipe is a good starting point for further experimentation. Worth every penny.

The format is just one complete recipe after another; there is no other text. The recipes are given in terms of percentage of ingredient by weight. This is extremely useful, even for beginners just getting started with diy formulating. You get the idea of how ingredients are used just by reading the recipes--but you will definitely need some resource the web is great to figure out what each of the ingredients does.

This is especially important for those recipes and there are many that use proprietary names for common ingredients or blends thereof. But once you get the hang of looking up these alternate names, you can figure out what you can substitute for those ingredients. By this means you can really learn a lot and begin to take your own formulations to the next level.

Complete but very concise instructions are provided, in terms of which ingredients go in which phase, what the temperatures need to be, and how the phases are to be mixed. Unlike the usual diy recipes which tend to have two, and rarely three, phases, some of these recipes include 4 or 5 phases. Brand names and product names are not usually provided; instead, the source of the recipe is provided, and that is usually a corporation name, which is not necessarily something the consumer knows.

But you will find a recipe for SOME product that is a baby shampoo. I have a couple of the other volumes as well as this one. It looks like the editor just collects as many recipes in all divisions of cosmetics as he can get in some time frame, puts them in a volume, and publishes them.

So the volumes are organized by time. So all in all, good as a learning tool and occasional reference. I got out of it exactly what I needed. See all 2 customer reviews Cosmetic and Toiletry Formulations, Vol. Flick rtf Cosmetic and Toiletry Formulations, Vol.

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Cosmetic and Toiletry Formulations -2nd Edition -Vol 5 - Flick

Medical Books Product Description This book contains hundreds of cosmetic and toiletry formulations based on information received from numerous industrial companies and other organizations. Each formulation is indentified by a description of end use. The formulations contains a listing of each raw material, processing procedure, and source of the formula. The format is just one complete recipe after another; there is no other text. The recipes are given in terms of percentage of ingredient by weight.

ISO 5725-5 PDF

Cosmetic and Toiletry Formulations, Vol. 8



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