Geen extra invoerkosten bij levering. Dit object wordt via het programma voor Wereldwijde verzending verzonden en omvat internationaal traceren. Hulp-pictogram voor Verzending: er wordt een laag geopend Internationale verzendingen - voor sommige objecten worden mogelijk douanekosten aangerekend, afhankelijk van hun aangegeven waarde. Verkopers vermelden de douanewaarde van het object en moeten zich houden aan de douanewetgeving. Als koper moet je rekening houden met eventuele: - door de douane veroorzaakte vertragingen.

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This server features a highly durable case and can be easy to mount on a shelf or wall. It features a sturdy, reliable Intel Xeon processor. This model can be ideal for virtualization, RISC migration, and other business critical applications. With built in Energy Smart power supply technology, this unit can get up to 90 percent energy efficiency. That means high performance per watt and reduced electricity use.

This can make the Dell PowerEdge R a great choice for use in power-sensitive environments. The Dell OpenManage suite can make it easy to monitor the server over an internet connection. Advanced security features such as a locked down internal USB port and chassis intrusion sensor can help to protect valuable data. You can feel confident that your server is safe. The PowerEdge rack server can give the user enough memory to open several programs without interfering with the servers.

The Dell computer system has a mountable rack of 4U, so you can mount it in one of many different places. The Dell PowerEdge has Intel 24 core processors and servers. These can give you plenty of speed and operating room. You can have plenty of different choices with your servers. These options can improve the performance of the servers. This means that the Dell R processors can do an excellent job for enterprise critical applications.

The PowerEdge servers can work well with desktop computers for those times when extra security is needed. With drive specs of 2. This option can also give you a higher storage density on your drives. The largest internal storage capacity of this Dell server series goes up to 5TB, and its memory has up to GB of available space.

The Dell server hard drives have several features in regard to memory, including memory sparing and mirroring. It can boast an excellent visual performance and provide you with power and plenty of room on your hard disk drives for all your important data. There are also a number of options, like the 4U rack on the form factor, that can provide you with flexibility. You can also choose from several Dell Xeon quad core 64 bit Xeon processors in the , , and series, and they can be compatible with this system.

Product Identifiers.


Dell POWEREDGE R900 (_R900_14) Server



PowerEdge R900


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