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This is a full-time job, even for AVRs. On top of that, the information to be displayed on the screen has to be stored in RAM memory, and requires a lot more than the small amount of RAM available on most microcontrollers. Both connectors are through hole. The good news is that this display does not need the common "M" input, an oscillating input needed to prevent the LCD crystals from being operated in DC mode. This display has the usual CCFL backlight, which requires an inverter. The controller design.

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Mar 30, Checked by Quality Assurance Div. Production Div. General Specifications General Specif ications Operating Temp. Storage Temp. Electrical Specif ications 2. Please be careful about timing characteristics. This may cause damage the LCD module. It is measured after lighting for 3 minutes. Note 2 : The current r. Note 3 : The voltage at starting the electric discharge when the voltage is increased gradually from 0V. Optical Specif ications 3. The range of minimum and maximum shows tolerance of the operating voltage.

The specified contrast ratio and response time are not guaranteed over the entire range. Driving voltage VD is definded as follows. Area shows typ. Pin Assignment CN1 No. Example of Power Supply It is recommended to apply a potentiometer for the contrast adjust due to the tolerance of the driving voltage and its temperature dependence. Test No change on display and in operation under the following test condition.

Note 3 : No dew condensation to be observed. Note 4 : The function test shall be conducted after 4 hours storage at the normal temperature and humidity after removed from the test chamber. Note 5 : Vibration test will be conducted to the product itself without putting it in a container.

Appearance Standards 6. The distance between the eyes and the sample shall be more than 30cm. All directions for inspecting the sample should be within 45? Standards No. If the stains are removed easily from LCDP surface, the module is not defective. Code System of Production Lot The production lot of module is specified as follows.

Type Number The type number of module is specified on the back of module as follows. Precautions Relating Product Handling The Following precautions will guide you in handling our product correctly. Avoid any strong mechanical shock. Should the glass break handle it with care. Guard against scratching it. We strongly recommend the use of anti static mats made of rubber , to protect work tables against the hazards of electrical shock.

We recommend cotton clothing or other conductivity-treated fibers. Should hands or clothing come in contact with LCD fluid, wash immediately with soap. Please contact us to discuss appropriate ways to assure conductivity.

Care should be taken not to touch connection areas to avoid burns. This could cause glass breakage. Be sure to protect the rear of the IC chip from external forces. It is guaranteed to perform according to delivery specifications. For any other use apart from general electronic equipment, we cannot take responsibility if the product is used in medical devices, nuclear power control equipment, aerospace equipment, fire and security systems, or any other applications in which there is a direct risk to human life and where extremely high levels of reliability are required.

If the product is to be used in any of the above applications, we will need to enter into a separate product liability agreement. We cannot accept responsibility for product performance, reliability, or defect, which may arise.


NEW 5.7inch 320x240 LCD Display DMF-50840

That saves 8 address pins. Back to home page Return to top. The current user interface is an enhanced version of the AVCX protocol but it would dfm better to standardize the graphics interface to some industry standard. Learn more — opens in a new window or tab. Mouse over to Zoom — Click to enlarge. What does this price mean? No activity meaning no incoming graphic control commands for 1 minutes will also turn on the clock, as a screen saver.





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