Kazilmaran Divine madness A Bona-Fide Path My view is that one is either a Crazy Wisdom practitioner or not, it is iwsdom your nature or not, and even to attempt to cultivate it is a bit ridiculous. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Hindu Scriptures on Asceticism and Renunciation. Inhe moved to England to study comparative religion, philosophy, and fine arts at Oxford Cgazy.

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Chapter 1: Reckless Madness Thomas Rich, a. Osel Tendzin, western teacher and appointed Regent of the popular Tantric guru, Chogyam Trungpa, seduces his male students into the sexual Tantric practices of the Vajrayana while knowing he has the deadly AIDS virus and how it is spread. Tibetan Tantric Buddhism encourages sexual couplings and re-couplings as a sign of detachment.

Detachment from all ordinary relationships is encouraged in Tibetan Tantra, except when it comes to your gurus. Tibetan Tantric Buddhists actually take oaths to their gurus, to obey them in all things, and to keep their secrets. This allows the lamas to do whatever they want. So, Thomas Rich, even more promiscuous than Trungpa—which was saying a lot—would be allowed to do whatever he wanted. The lamas believe their occult guru powers will be negatively absorbed if they have sex with women over twenty years old.

They also believe they can turn biological fluids into a spiritual essence that can flow backwards, through their imaginary channels and chakras and up to the top of their heads, enlightening them in an instant. Tantric Lamaism has no concept of pedophilia, nor of women as equal partners; either socially, spiritually, or sexually. The lamas have lived in an androcentric caste system their whole lives.

The idea of equality for women is completely foreign to their way of thinking. In , Naropa University, still staffed and run by a Naropa Board of early students of Trungpa, maintain their vows of keeping secrets and protecting gurus. But it is the boldest. Supported as it is by very powerful players, including the Dalai Lama and the powerful Karma Kagyu sect.

Guru worshiping also tends to become a very bad habit, generalized to other self-declared gurus; like the dance guru, Katsura Kan. But, also in China and Chinese-speaking nations.

The Kagyu lamas have always been the most popular among western Tibetan Buddhists, but I imagine no matriculating student or their parents will learn this history about Naropa University and its global connections and ties. Keeping secrets are some of the skills these Tantric Buddhist professors at Naropa have mastered. Believing they can make their semen, mixed with female fluids, shoot backwards, through imaginary chakras and channels, up to the top of their skulls, resulting in a big bang of Hindu Tantric Shakti, they could have just stood on their heads, like their Indian sadhu guru and saint.

Chandler, M.



See more images here The Nyingma Lineage According to the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, Samantabhadra is the supreme embodiment of buddhahood. Samantabhadra transmitted the Dzogchen teachings in the three heavenly realms of Akanishtha, Tushita, and the Realm of the 33 Gods. Garab Dorje transmitted the combined essence of the words, meanings, and esoteric instructions of Dzogchen to the great pandita Master Manjushrimitra, who in turn passed the teachings in one single lineage to his principle disciple Shri Singha. From Shri Singha the Dzogchen teachings passed to Jhanasutra, Guru Padmasambhava, and Vimalamitra — who was the principle teacher of the great panditas of India at that time — and later to Vairochana. Guru Padmasambhava The Second Buddha Guru Padmasambhava established a lineage of oral transmission known as the Kama, which passes from teacher to disciple. The Kama continues unbroken up to the present.


Divine madness

Color on silk. Tokyo National Museum According to June McDaniel and other scholars, divine madness is found in the history and practices of many cultures and may reflect religious ecstasy or expression of divine love. The Zen master Ikkyu 15th century used to run in his town with a human skeleton to spread the message of the impermanence of life and the grim certainty of death. Taller to their eyes, sounding no longer mortal, she prophesied what was inspired from The God breathing near, uttering words not to be ignored.


Crazy Wisdom

Maugrel A Bona-Fide Path My view is that one is either a Crazy Wisdom practitioner or not, it is in your nature or not, and even to attempt to cultivate it is a bit ridiculous. I did not go blind, but I overcame my fear of staring at the sun, and going blind and I did it when and how it felt right. McDaniel refers to William Jameswho made a distinction between gradual and abrupt change, [35] while Karl Potter makes a distinction between progress and leap philosophies. To ask other readers questions about Crazy Wisdomplease sign up. But if we can overcome the fear by trusting the perfection of our own manifestation we often leap over years of fears, because if you do something once properly then it is done, and need not be done again.



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