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Doushura Click here to find out how to access this document. Design and calculation incorporating corrigendum March Document Status Indicators The Green document status indicator that the document is: This document Older versions. Their committees work with the manufacturing and service industries, government, businesses and consumers to facilitate the production of British, European and International standards. Design and calculation AMD Provides basic design criteria and stress calculation for industrial metallic piping systems, including supports. Free to use BIM project management tool provides step-by-step help to define, manage and validate responsibility for information development and delivery at each stage of the asset life cycle in level 2 BIM projects. Want access to British Standards?

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EN E Issue 1 9. Simplified fatigue analysi Analysis methods for welded attachments on piping, Alternative calculation methods. Basic conditions General.. Loading condition: Allowable stresses. Piping flexibility. Basic conditions Displacement strain: Displacement stresses. Expansion joints 0 Flexibility analysis Flexibility analysis General Stress due to sustained loads Stress due to sustained and occasional or exceptional loads Stress range due to thermal expansion and alternating loads.

Additional conditions for the creep range Stresses due to a single non-repeated support movement Determination of resultant moments.. Fatigue analysis 13 Supports General requirements.

Flexibility analysis and acceptance criteria Shock arrestors.. Annex B normative More accurate calculation of bends and elbows. These normative references are cited at the appropriate places in the text and the publications are listed hereafter. For Gated references, subsequent amendments to or revisions of any of these publications apply to this European Standard only when incorporated in it by amendment ot revision. EN , Metallic industrial piping — Part 1: General. Terms, definitions, symbols and units 3.

Specific symbols are defined in the relevant sub-clauses. EN E Issue 1 Table 3. MPa a operating pressure oe Pa te 7 calculation temperature see 4. General The calculation rules in this Part shall apply for operating and testing conditions as well as preset, cold spring conditions, flushing and cleaning conditions.

For the general stability, the requirements of EN remain applicable ifthe structure, as a whole, behaves according to the beam theory. For temporary piping, e. Some unlkely combinations may be ruled out folowing a stucy Sontidering both the likelinood of their occurrence, fallure of the fluid containment boundary and the health and safety consequences.

Where a piping system is subjected to more than one pressureltemperature condition, the greatest caleulated thickness determined for these conditions shall be used. For a piping system under steady state conditions, the maximum transient conditions shall be considered in accordance with clause When the calculation temperature t is such that the creep rupture strength characteristics are relevant for the determination of the nominal design stress, the calculation pressure shall be considered equal to the operating pressure p, which is associated with the corresponding temperature to.

The calculation temperature shall be Getermined as indicated below. Any heat transfer calculation shall be performed on the assumption that there is 0 heat loss due to wind. For extemally insulated piping components, the component calculation temperature shall be the fluid temperature unless calculations, tests, or service experience based on measurements, support the use of another temperature.

The maximum loads shall be determined in accordance with the actual local climatic and piping system exposure conditions. Where such Giects are Impossible to avoid, they shall be taken into account. Where these effects result from a direct Consequence of the process, or the use of the equipment supplied by the purchaser, they shall be defined quantitatively in the purchase specification.

If these valves are not supplied by the piping installer, the purchaser shall define the reaction forces and their directions. For the assessment of the dynamic effects of the fluid, see Annex A. Where vibrations can occur during operation, the piping layout shall be studied and supports, dampers, restr anchors eto. If such studies are insufficient, it shall be necessary to carry out a specific vibration analysis to ensure the piping system is not over-stressed.

NOTE tis not necessary to provide written proof of the vibration analysis. The specication shall give details relating to the characteristics of the seismic conditions to be taken into account. Full load, partial load and shut-downshut-down conditions shall be examined together with the associated start-up, switching and shut-down operations.

For the calculation under occasional operating conditions, in addition to normal loadings given in 4. For the calculation under exceptional operating conditions, in ack the following conditions shall be examined: in to normal loadings given in 4.

Corrosion can be internal or extemal or both at the same time the term corrosion includes erosion. The value of the corrosion allowance cp which may be zero if no corrosion is to be expected shall be determined by the manufacturer in accordance with the nature, temperature, velocity etc.

Figure 4. For the calculation of the strength of butt welded assemblies under exceptional operating conditions or under test conditions, it shall not be necessary to take a joint coefficient into account. The requirements of clauses 6, 7, 8, 9 and 11 shall apply for loads of predominantly non-cyclic nature. It is assumed that a number of 1 full load pressure cycles do not lead to fatigue failure of the piping component under consideration.

Where high strength materials with f greater than Nimm2 are used, a detailed load cycle analysis shall be carried out in accordance with clause 10, In the case of cyctic loading see clause 10 , the geometry of the component under consideration shall be designed to avoid high stress concentrations.

Where a higher number of pressure cycles shall be considered, the evaluation Procedure outlined in For significant through-wall temperature gradients with cyclic nature In combination with cyclic pressure, the evaluation procedure outined in For steel used at low temperature ie.

NOTE 1 — For intermediate temperatures, linear interpolation may be used. For bolts, see additional requirements in 6. Time-independent nominal design stress 5. This reduction is valid only for dimensioning. NOTE If the creep characteristics determine the thickness, additional creep tests based on extrapolations using the Larson-Miller formula for instance on the welding consumables and the complete weld, should be performed.


DIN EN 13480-3



Set BS EN 13480 - part 1 - 8 Metallic industrial piping



EN 13480-3



Set BS EN 13480 - part 1 - 8 Metallic industrial piping


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