Мотор-редукторы серии RCA iC60 дают вам возможность включать и выключать модульные автоматические как в дистанционном режиме, так и в автоматическом. А так же, использовать их в схемах АВР. Легкий и эргономичный аккумуляторный шуруповерт от компании BOSCH достаточно мощный, а самое главное - компактный. Не делайте поспешных выводов, бесконтактный индикатор напряжения переменного тока Fluke LVD2 Volt Light — действительно работает. Собрав несколько сотен электрощитов с дифференциальными автоматическими выключателями серии АВДТПро, я не ожидал такого поворота событий. Электрический тестер Fluke T оказался довольно не плох и после шести месяцев эксплуатации, я все-таки нашел, как работает тестирование напряжения с переключаемой нагрузкой.

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It merges the two images into one, with the possibility to blend between the two images or create picture-in-picture combinations. Alarm limits can be superimposed over the visible light image to exactly pinpoint the components exceeding a specified temperature limit. Both the visual images and thermal images are available for use in reports. This speeds up documentation by reducing the need to look for individual images taken with a separate digital camera. IR-Fusion helps to better identify and report suspect components and enable the repair to be done right the first time.

Large, sharp thermal images Thanks to the largest display five-inch available on this type of thermal imager in combination with low-noise VOx sensors, the Fluke IR FlexCam units produce exceptionally high-quality images making even the smallest temperature differences visible. This is comparable with images normally only obtained on far more expensive instruments. The display remains clearly visible while viewing over high objects, under a machine or around immoveable obstructions.

The SmartFocus wheel simplifies getting a stable and sharp image. No need to take your hand off the instrument to turn a focus ring. The instrument is easily set up to automatically capture only those images where a temperature limit is exceeded.

This way, difficult to find intermittent problems can be captured and analyzed quicker by concentrating only on the images containing the anomalies. It even allows for customized reports to accommodate specific company work processes or requirements like multiple image reporting and comparisons. To find out more select SmartView on the the link located at the top of the page.

This makes it possible to perform detailed analysis and change key parameters like emissivity or temperature range either in the field on the camera or in the office using the PC software.


PowerEdge T140



Тестер-пробник Fluke T140


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