I should have, and this week, I did. Guys, so should you. Put down that remote. Turn off that X-Box and go order this book. The books are easy to read, loaded with research and charts communicating the essentials, plenty of anecdotes and lots of plain, real-world explanations. In fact, some readers may find themselves wondering if they really need to know the inner thought processes of another person.

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Every time I have given someone this book, I have seen lives and marriages changed! They were fascinating and very helpful. The findings in these books about how men and women think are so enlightening. My wife and I think these books should be required premarital reading! For Women Only is a book that I believe will provide understanding and bring harmony to a lot of marriages.

Shaunti Feldhahn has uncovered a mountain of meaningful information for any woman wanting to understand men at a profound level. It is a practical, thought-provoking message that will show you what you should do - and not do - when it comes to your relationship with the man in your life. For Women Only is a treasure box that never seems empty of wisdom.

Every time I dig in, my hands and heart emerge filled with tools that help me know myself better and relate to the people I love more effectively. Single, married, divorced or not even allowed to date yet should all read this and come to understand the key truths that will help in your relationship with any man.

I bought a copy, read it, was astonished, and then bought ten more and sent them to everyone on our team. I interviewed Shaunti on stage during all our worship services. The response was incredible. She has an engaging, compelling way of presenting her findings about how men think. It helped open the eyes of women to the real needs of the men in their lives, and it gave men a common language to use to talk about these things with their wives.

I urge churches and other groups to give her the opportunity to share this message. She has a way of connecting with the audience that is unique and compelling. Shaunti Feldhahn has the rare ability to do impeccable research and then make her findings incredibly practical. There is something to learn on every page.

Actually, do more than read Her content guides and changes lives. Her books, For Women Only and For Men Only, are the best I know at providing rich and practical gender understanding that can be used immediately. I highly recommend both all the time! Her experience and educational background qualify her to speak and write authoritatively about relationships and how people respond. I personally have seen and felt the impact of her research.

She is the "go-to" person for our organization when we need insight. Report incorrect product info. Show more.


Shaunti Feldhahn Quotes

Today, she applies her analytical skills to investigating eye-opening, life-changing truths about relationships, both at home and in the workplace. Her groundbreaking research-based books, such as For Women Only, have sold more than 2 million copies in 23 languages and are widely read in homes, counseling centers and corporations worldwide. Her newest book, The Kindness Challenge, is catalyzing a movement of kindness across the country and beyond. Dozens of prominent organizations and leaders are coming together to do The Day Kindness Challenge, and Shaunti received her graduate degree from Harvard University and was an analyst on Wall Street before unexpectedly becoming a social researcher, best-selling author and popular speaker.


For Men Only: A Straightforward Guide to the Inner Lives of Women

From their early days, every woman has struggled to understand why males behave the way they do. Even long-married women who think they understand men have only scratched the surface. This book will guide women in how to provide the loving support that modern men want and need. Ever been totally confused by something your man has said or done? Want to understand his secret desires and fears, his daily battles that you know nothing about? With findings from a groundbreaking national survey and personal interviews of over one thousand men, For Women Only is full of eye-opening revelations you need to not only understand the man in your life, but to support and love him in the way he needs to be loved.


Recommendation and Review: For Men Only by Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn


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