Page 2 The freedom to be professional The NEX-FS offers auto functions in addition to manual functions to help you out in such situations. Please note the selects. By mastering the bokeh effect, you will be able to create new images that were not possible with conventional video camcorders. Page 7 Shooting-related functions and effects What is depth of field? Relationship between depth of field and iris value An image that highlights the in-focus main subject against a the depth of field becomes shallower as the iris is being The depth of field becomes shallowest at the maximum iris to make the depth of field shallow and blur the background.

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In addition, when you review your footage, it will start playing more quickly as well. It also minimizes the chance of data loss due to damage to your recording media or the moving parts in other camcorders. Measuring only 2.

Also, movie recording requires cards with MB of memory or more. Cards made by Toshiba, SanDisk or Matsushita are recommended. No particular restrictions apply for still images.

The video you shoot will be sharp, clear and more true to life, as will your still photos. Relive your memories just as they happened.

Advanced Zoom extends the power of your zoom and is the longest zoom Canon has ever offered. In both wide angle and telephoto positions, there is virtually no loss in image quality throughout the range.

How is this accomplished? You will always be able to get the shot you need, no matter how close or far away and always with the quality you expect from Canon. It also ensures optimal image quality for still images, even though video and still images have different color requirements. It also uses a hybrid noise reduction system that employs two types of noise reduction -- for video images that are crystal clear. You can shoot five x still images per second, and enjoy faster processing of your images to your memory card.

It also helps lower power consumption for longer battery life. What you see will be what you get. What difference does it make? The more pixels which are captured, the better your final image quality is. Extra buttons have been eliminated, allowing you to access many functions from one convenient place. It also controls exposure lock and exposure compensation during recording.

Line up any horizontal lines in your shot -- such as the horizon -- to the marker and you can be sure your camcorder is level. You can even choose from two different colors for the grid. This ensures that you see the grid, no matter what the background color of your shot is. Push the Quick Start button between shots and it places the FS in standby mode. When the action starts, push the Quick Start button again to begin recording in less than one second.

The light lets you shoot subjects in color in low light up to 4. A one cable connection is all it takes to send the files across and with the click of a few buttons, your videos will be burned to a disc ready to play in a compatible DVD player.


Sony NEX-FS700 Manuals

It just sometimes seems that way. There are multiple revolutions going on at the moment when it comes to video-capable DSLRs and CSCs, mirrorless technology, camcorders, motion picture production, and just about every other aspect of how we shoot, transmit and consume stills and video. Certainly the Canon 5D MKII, introduced in , deserves credit, not necessarily as the first video capable DSLR, but as the one that captured the imagination of both photographers and film makers, and one which opened up the possibilities of large sensor video. Prior to then achieving the shallow depth of focus that 35mm motion picture film produced was impossible on video without spending hundreds of thousands or using awkward lens adaptors. Now, in just three years, we have not just large sensor video capture on every new DSLR and CLC, but also a new generation of dedicated video cameras that have DSLR sized sensors, yet which offer all of the capabilities of proper video cameras. What Is Super 35mm?


Canon FS100



Sony NEX-FS100 Handbook


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