As a teen, he moved to Ceylon, and shortly prior to World War I, relocated to Malaya, where he worked as a civil servant. During his travels, he formed an interest in native cultures and became a bit of an amateur folklorist. In particular, he was interested in indigenous magic and ritual practices. It was here that he discovered European occultism and beliefs, and - according to his biography, claimed that he was initiated into the New Forest coven.

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High Priestess stands in pentacle position. Magus invokes her: "O mighty Mother of us all, Mother of all fruitfulness, give us fruit and grain, flocks and herds and children to the tribe that we be mighty, by thy rosy love, do thou descend upon thy servant and Priestess name here. Candle game: Seated, the men form a circle, passing a lighted candle from hand to hand "deosil".

The women form circle outside, trying to blow it out over their shoulders. This game may go on as long as the people like. Cakes and wine, and any other games you like. Dismiss [the guardians, and close down the magic circle; the people then stay to] feast and dance. On Chants Of old there were many chants and songs used especially in the Dances. Much dependeth on the pronunciation if this be so. To Help the Sick [1] Ever remember the promise of the goddess, "For ecstasy is mine and joy on earth" so let there ever be joy in your heart.

Greet people with joy, be glad to see them. If times be hard, think, "It might have been worse. I at least have known the joys of the Sabbath, and I will know them again. If you dwell on this inner joy, your health will be better. You must try to banish all fear, for it will really touch you. It may hurt your body, but your soul is beyond it all. And if another be in pain, do what you may to distract his attention from it. Do not say "You have no pain," but if you may, administer the drugs which sooth as well as those that cure.

But ever strive to make them believe they are getting better. Install into them happy thoughts. If you can only get this into his inner mind so that it be always believed.

For the truth is that if they believe we have more power than we really possess, we do really possess these powers, insomuch we can do good to them. If you tell a slightly sick man, "You are looking better. You will soon be well," he will feel better, but if he is really ill, or in pain, his Knowledge that he is in pain will cause him to doubt your words in future.

But if you give him one of the drugs and then say, "The pain is growing less. Soon it will be gone," because the pain goes, the next time you say, "The pain is going," he will believe you and the pain will really get less. But you must ever say so with conviction, and this conviction must come from your believing it yourself, because you yourself know that if you can fix his mind so that he believes you, it is true.

This continued gazing oft causes the patient to grow sleepy. If they show signs of this, say "You are growing sleepy. You will sleep, you are tired. Your eyes grow tired. You must ever believe what I tell you.

When I look like this into your eyes you will sleep and be subject to my will," then tell them they will sleep and wake up refreshed, feeling better. Continue this with soothing and healing drugs, and try to infuse into them the feeling of ecstasy that you feel at the Sabbath. They cannot feel it in full, but you can command them to feel what is in your own mind, and try to concentrate on this ecstasy. I f you may safely tell that you are of the Cult, your task may be easier.

And it were well to command them to know it only with their sleeping mind, and forget it, or to be at least unable to tell anyone about it when awake. A good way is to command them that, if they are ever questioned about Witchcraft or Witches, to immediately fall asleep.

Many priests have knowledge of our secrets, and they well know that, though much religious bigotry has calmed down, many people would wish to join our cult.

And if the truth were known of its joys, the Churches would lose power, so if we take many recruits, we may loose the fires of persecution against us a gain. So ever keep the secrets. Children are naturally easier to influence than grown people. For instance, more than half of the world believe in amulets. An ordinary stone is not an amulet but if it hath a natural hole in it, it must be something unusual, so if the patient hath this belief give him one.

But first carry it next your skin for a few days, forcing your will into it, to cure pain, to feel s safe, or against their particular fear, and this amulet may keep imposing your will when you are absent. The masters of talismans knew this full well when they say they must be made in a circle, to avoid distraction, by someone whose mind is on the subject of the work. Remember the Words of the Goddess: "I give unimaginable joys on Earth, certainty, not faith, while in life, and upon death, peace unutterable, rest, and ecstasy, and the promise that you will return again.

We may have joy in life and beauty, and peace and Death and the promise of return. Perchance you were born under an evil star. I think that the effects of the stars are overestimated, but you cannot make a merry heart to order, you say. But you can, in the Cult; there be secret processes by which your will and imagination may be influenced.

This process also affects the body, and brings it to joy. Your body is happy, so your mind is happy. You are well because you are happy, and you are happy because you are well. Many believe it can, but do not believe their God or saint will help. Prayers to the Goddess help, especially the Amalthean Horn Prayer, as it causes stimulation to the body as well as to the mind. The Scourge and the Kiss. Scourge 40 or more, to make skin tingle, then say, invoking Goddess, Hail, Aradia, from the Amalthean horn Pour forth thy store of Love.

I lowly bend Before Thee! I invoke thee at the end When other Gods are fallen and put to scorn. Thy foot is to my lips! My sighs inborn Rise, touch, curl about thy heart. Then spend, Pitiful Love, loveliest Pity, descend And bring me luck who am lonely and forlorn. Ask the Goddess to help you to obtain your desires, then Scourge again to bind the spell.

This be powerful in ill luck and for sickness. It must be said in a Circle, and you must be properly prepared and well purified, both before and after saying, to bind the spell. Before starting you must make a very clear picture in your mind of what you wish. Make yourself see the wish obtained. Be sure in your own mind exactly what it is and how it is to be fulfilled.

Your helper, who wields the scourge, must know what you wish, and also form the mental image. And at first at any rate, it will be better for you to work the spell, then for the girl to take your place and work it also; you scourge her.

You have to get into sympathy with each other, before anything happens, and regular working helps this. Of spells, the exact words matter little if the intent be clear and you raise the true power, and sufficient thereof. Always in rhyme they are. There is something queer about rhyme. I have tried, and the same seem to lose their power if you miss the rhyme.

Also in rhyme, the words seem to say themselves. You do not have to pause and think: "What comes next? A High Priest or Priestess may and should punish all faults to this end, and all of the Cult must accept such corrections willingly. All are brothers and sisters, for this reason: that even the High Priestess must submit to the scourge. Each fault should be corrected separately.

The Priest or Priestess must be properly prepared and call the culprit to trial. They must be prepared as for initiation and kneel, be told their fault and sentence pronounced. Punishment should be the scourge, followed by a forfeit such as several fivefold kisses or something of this nature. The culprit must acknowledge the justice of the punishment by kissing hands and scourge on receiving sentence and again when thanking for punishment received.

It is not meet to make offerings [scourgings] of less than two score to the Goddess, for here be a mystery. The fortunate numbers be: 3 and 5. For three added to two the Perfect Couple be five.

And three and five be eight; eight and five be thirteen; thirteen and eight be twenty-one. The Fivefold Kiss is called 5, but there are 8 kisses, for there be 2 feet and 2 knees and genitals and 2 breasts and the lips. And 5 times 8 be two score. Also, fortunate numbers be 3, 7, 8, and 21, which total 40, or two score. For each man and woman hath ten fingers and ten toes, so each totals a score.

And a perfect couple be two score. So a lesser number would not be perfect prayer. If more are required make it a perfect number, as four score or six score. Also there be Eight Elemental Weapons. Put in one sweet mint, marjoram in another, ground thyme in a 3rd, and it you may have it, patchouli, dried leaves pounded.

Place pans in hot water bath.


Biography of Gerald Gardner and the Gardnerian Wiccan Tradition

Return to the Home Page. What is the Gardnerian Book of Shadows? Some people act as if this were the Ultimate and Secret Revelations of the Gods, the possession of which will bring power and enlightenment and god-like power. The Gardnerian Book of Shadows BoS is simply a guidebook, no different from any guidebook you buy before you visit another country. It has a few suggestions, some thoughts and shows a Path that works for some people. But not everyone.



Some people act as if this were the Ultimate and Secret Revelations of the Gods, the possession of which will bring power and enlightenment and god-like power. The Gardnerian Book of Shadows BoS is simply a guidebook, no different from any guidebook you buy before you visit another country. It has a few suggestions, some thoughts and shows a Path that works for some people. But not everyone.


The Gardnerian Book of Shadows

Tygojin So destroy everything not necessary. You can work your way up from dedicant to High Priest s. Be sure, if steadfast you go to the pyre, Dwale will reach you. Everyone in the circle must be sprinkled and censed. Those outside the circle only have the athame.



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