Thou dost do away with the faulty ways of thought of Bruhaspathi which make him waver and flater with regard to what is the highest of truth and establish him in the Satthvic righteous path. It is because of that the chiefs among DevAs enjoy thier high posts and positions without oscillations i. At that time , You present Yourself in the form of the manthrams that they recite and receive their Havis Oblations such as parched rice , pressed somA juice et al directly. Afterwards , You pass on those tasty oblations to the DevAs and make them fully contented. This prapancham universe is made up of devAs, humans, animals, plants et al and divides in the form of agni,aakAsam , vaayu , jalam and bhUmi Tatthvams.

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Sunday, February 25, Hayagriva Stotra It is believed that Sri Hayagriva stotram was the first of the many stotra-s that were composed by Sri Desika. Sri Desika had worshipped Lord Hayagriva as part of his nitya aradhana daily worship. Please shower me with Your white radiant rays which are like nectar, and dwell in my mind always. So there is no fault in this work. He variously describes the "hala hala" sound arising from Lord hayagrIva with the face of a horse, and the sound of the oranments in His leg, as the Vedic emanations from the Lord.

He repeatedly prays to Lord Hayagriva in this stotram to give him the ability to overcome these obstacles and to establish the right path. In sloka 3 he says kathA darpa kshubhyat kathaka kolAhala bhavam antardhvAntam haratu -- Let Lord Hayagriva remove the darkness of ignorance in those who are making big celebration based on their haughtiness resulting from their wrong arguments.

Please take your seat at the tip of my tongue so that I can win in these warring debates involving the best of those who debate with me sloka 28 samAjeshu svacchanda vAda Avaha baddha SUrah samedhishIya -- Please bless me so that I can be the unquestionable victor in the battleground of debates where the people of other faith indiscriminately put forth arguments against me sloka 29 kavi tArkika venkatanAthena viracitAm -- This stotra is composed by Venkatanatha, the lion among the composers and those that excel in debates.

Please accept me as an ignorant kid mugdha iti and bless me with your Mercy sloka 6. It should not be forgotten that the main content of the stotra is the praise of Lord Hayagriva, which is covered throughout the stotram.

It should also be clearly kept in mind that the main purpose of the stotram is that the followers of Sri Desika chant the stotram and benefit with the blessings of Lord Hayagriva. Hopefully the summary I have presented here will lead to this next step by all of us.

Swami Desikan composed the Hayagriva stotram as Lord Hayagriva was giving His pratyaksha darsanam to the acharya in Tiruvahindrapuram. In sloka 22 the beautiful anklets of the Lord are described. Sloka 32 vyAkhyAmudrAm karasarasijaih I had not included the overall meaning of this dhyana sloka in my write-up on Sri Hayagriva stotram, and so am including it here. Even today Vijayadasami and Sarsvathi pooja are celebrated in Srivaishnavas homes with the recitation of Sri Hayagreeva sthOthram.

They stole the Vedas from Brahma. Emperumaan smiled. Unable to carry on his work of creation without the Vedas, Brahma rushed to the Lord and pleaded the Lord Narayana for mercy and saving Vedas. BrahmA prostrated to the Lord and said: "Vedas alone are my eyes; they are my wealth; They are my Lord. The whole world is surrounded by darkness due to the absence of Vedas. How am I to proceed on my creation without the Vedas?

Please arise from the Yoga nithrA and help me Lord! Please give me back my eyes which have been blinded by my own pride. This avtaaram was made on a AvaNi month, sravaNa nakshthram paurNami thithi.

With a lovely long nose, like the heaven surrounded by white bright stars, the asva siras head of horse illumined the whole world. The upper world and the lower world became His ears. Sri Hayagreevar handed over the Vedas to BrahmA and went back. Madhukaitapar searched for the sound which terrified them earlier but found the Vedas missing. They rushed to BrahmA who in turn was terribly scared and sought the help of Sriman Narayanan.

Sri Hayagreevar fought with asurAs and killed them. BrahmA continued his work of creation. That is why the Lord is called Madhusoodhanan. In MahAbharatham, Shanthi parvam, hayasira upaakhyaanam details Hayagreeva avathaaram. Srimadh Bhagawatham, too, describes Hayagreeva avtaar. There is another version of this avtaar and killing of asurAs. When paraLayam was about to end, Bhagawaan out of His dirt from the ear drum made two small solid balls and dropped on the Lotus leaf and BrahmA activated the PrANa vaayu, which gave life to these two, as madhu and kaitabhar.

These asurAs appeared and grew up. BrahmA started off his creation and Vedhas were snatched away by these two asurAs. When the most compassionate Lord, Parama kaaruNikO Bhagawaan wished to please the asurAs, without killing them, asked them as to what they want as a boon.

These two asurAs said "we can give You what You want". That is it! The Lord decided to kill them. They said "Can You kill us only where there is no cover for the sky? The Lord immediately took Hyagreeva avtaar and removed His cloth on the Thighs, put them on His thighs and killed them. Since the Lord removed the cloth from His thighs and killed them, He still complied with what they challenged Him.

What they thought was impossible to happen, He could make it happen with no effort. He, thus saved the Vedas and saves the world. The moral is: thamas, rajas guNAs are to be destroyed to reach Him. Parvathi, pleased with his tapas, appeared in his front and the asurA asked for "no death".

She said "Impossible-can not be granted". Then the asurA amended the request and said "Except for a horse faced one, no one else can kill me". She consented. He became tremendously proud of his achievement and started harassing every deva and rishi. He troubles all three worlds.

He snatched away the Vedas from BrahmA and disappeared. Then is the history. The Lord appeared as Hayagreevar and killed the asurA to save the world and bring back the Vedas. There is yet another puraaNic narration on Hayagreevar. At Kanchi, Agasthya muni was on severe penance on Sriman Narayanan and the Lord appeared as Hayagreevar and was immensely pleased with his tapas. He blessed the muni with Devi mahaathmyam. During Tripura samhaaram to entice the asurAs, the Lord appeared as "other religious" saint buddhism?

Thus, He made them lose their ability to get saved and the Lord won. As also claimed and reported in Buddhism in a web site as follows: Like Mahakala, Hayagriva is one of the Eight Great Protectors of Buddhism, a guardian and a destroyer of obstacles to enlightenment!

He is a popular personal, or tutelary, deity among the Gelug order of Tibetan Buddhism. This, I read in the Net in some buddhism web site! Swami Desikan in his "navarathna maalai" says " puRamuyarttha asurargatku puRam uRaittha poyyinaan". Also, when Rama before proceeding for His PattabhishEkham , gets up in the wee hours, in Brahma muhUrtham, He performs His anushtaanam and pays obeisance to Lord Hayagreevan "dhushtaava praNadhaischaiva sirasaa madhsoodhanam" 6th sargam-7th slokam.

You could have just told me so. I world have brought SitA back from anywhere wheresoever like Sri Hayagreevar brought the Vedas killing Madhukaitapar. Commentators, are reported to have praised this slOkam as "hayaananam, hayagreeva araadhana sthaanam", and "hayaananam - BhagawathO Hayagreevasya sthaanam".

Sri HayagreevOpanishad, naturally elaborates the greatness of Haygreevar. Upanishad bhAshyakaaarar Sri Rangaraamanuja Swami. He refers the padham "maavaaghi to Lord Hayagreevan only. Mumukshuvai saraNamaham prapdhyE.. In st slOkam also, Kuresa says "Do not think that there are only 10 avataars of the Lord. Even Hamsa, hayagreeva, NaranaraayaNa avataars are also His only are equally grand and great. In 58th slOkam of Sri Vaikunta sthavam of Kooratthaazhwaan, it is said "Adhyaathma saasthraas are established by Emperumaan in Hayagrreva avtaar by recovering vedas and saving the world.

Ramanuja "officially" released the commentary at the grand gathering of all sanskrit scholars and Vedic scholars at Saraswathi Peetham in Kashmir, in front of Saraswathi Devi. Also, she was extremely happy with Yathiraajaa, she presented to him a Divya mangaLa vigraham of Sri Lakshmi Hayagreevan. His Lotus Feet wears "salaghai" paayal. His upper two hands hold Sankhu and ChakrA. His lower right hand offers jnAnOpadEsam to us, bhakthAs. Other hand hold Japamaalaa. Also, it appears as if He is granting us boons.

Afterwards, He is blessing us with four hands as detailed above. Hayagreeva avtaaram is for VedOpadEsam and granting us jnAnam. Swami Desikan was initiated into the Great Hayagreeva Manthram. On the way he stayed at some remote place that belonged to a grain merchant. There lot of grains were stored and piled in sacks. There Swami Desikan did not have anything to offer to his Sri Hayagreeva vigraham and hence, offered just water and he also went to sleep, without eating anything just by drinking few drops of water that he had offered to the Lord.

Midnight, the merchant noticed a very big, beautiful white Horse which started eating those grains from a sack. The merchant, thinking that it belongs to Swami Desikan, immediately woke him up to tie the white horse. Swami Desikan has tears rolling down his cheeks, and prostrated to the Lord who had come as the White Horse and explained to the merchant and asked him to bring a pot of milk.

The excited merchant and others brought milk which the Lord drank happily and disappeared. Next day morning the merchant chased Swami Desikan, who had actually started off his journey to Thiruvaheendrapuram and informed that the whole sack from which the white horse ate is full of Gold coins!

Swami Desikan smiled and was overwhelmed with joy for His mercy and leelA. That place is called "pon viLaintha kaLampudhoor".


Sri Hayagriva Stuti Prayers for Children Hayagriva Mantra Lyrics Meaning and Benefits

Students are battling with books and notes, last minute preparations and some are already writing exams. No matter how well we prepare, when we are in the examination hall, we should be able to recollect all we have read, so that we can attempt the answers. It is here that most of the students, fumble either because of tension or low self confidence or for any other reason. Some of us do very well in the exams, but are disappointed to see low scores.


Shri Hayagriva mantra with meaning - Gnanananda mayam devam

JoJojin Indeed, the two deities seem to be totally unrelated to one another. Turvaali Narasimhan Andavan Ashramam. However, he is most commonly worshipped along with his consort Lakshmi and is known as Lakshmi-Hayagriva. Unlike his Buddhist counterpart, there is no hint of a fearsome side in the Hindu description of this deity. Kumaara Varadaachaarya Desika Stotramaalaa. This said, the Horse Avatar of Lord Vishnu is seen as pulling the sun up to the heavens every day, bringing light to darkness.

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