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Thank you for partnering with God to help walk us through the journey of healing and abundant life Christ has called us to walk in each day with Him!

I am thriving on the mission field by His grace, good community, and a good foundation that was laid by Heartstream. She and her husband, Dr. Lois served in various support roles, including human resources and personnel, as the school and community counselor, as a high school teacher, and as a writer and editor in anthropology and linguistics.

Larry served as physician for the members of SIL and WBT and other agencies, as well as caring for the indigenous peoples of Peru and overseeing health training programs. Lois, a graduate of Westmont College, earned an M.

She also earned an M. Lois and Lawrence have presented professional papers at many World Congresses and conferences related to cross-cultural, international and humanitarian work, especially in the fields of psychology and medicine.

They teach a variety of courses and subjects related to leadership, including human development, whole person studies, spiritual formation, ethics, creative leadership, and counseling. They have taught cross-cultural workers from dozens of organizations in more than thirty countries.

The Dodds have three children, eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. All three of their children have worked and lived abroad in several countries. Lawrence Dodds passed away in June due to treatment for a third fatal disease. He worked until his death, and inspired us all in more ways than we can count. They really understand our needs having been there themselves You are the first ones who have taught me how to climb out!

Your gift will make a difference for a weary missionary who might otherwise leave the field.


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