In Heisman graduated at the top of his class earning a B. Early career[ edit ] Heisman began his career as an engineer and worked in that capacity with several organizations, including the Naval Air Development Center and Intermetrics, Inc. He has been a full-time chess instructor and author since Chess career[ edit ] Heisman is the two-time Open chess champion of Philadelphia and , and the Philadelphia Invitational Chess Champion His Penn State team won the U.

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There are thousands of chess books and more are published each day! Pick ones that suit your style. Consider also other media like web pages, CDs, chess videos, chess audios, etc. If you decide to purchase at Amazon. Contact me , thanks! This is an excellent book for beginners over age 10 youngsters would have to be helped by an older reader — it written for adult-level readers. It covers not only how to play, but many of the same tips I give my students.

Good for students up to the level! The final third of the book is more advanced and can be put away for later.

This book is widely distributed. Can sometimes be purchased with Vol II as a single-book text. You can go thru the book in any order. Some do it front to back; others cut out the problems and use them like flash cards, etc. A typical time limit is for each set would be 6 minutes, then 3, then 90 seconds, 45 sec, 25 sec, 15 sec, 10 sec for each problem in the 7th pass.

You will be amazed how much this helps your chess. Make it into a game! Can you get a higher percentage in that section the next time in half the time limit? It is important to read books of games, especially books written just for instruction. Logical Chess Move by move is widely distributed. Board Vision, Tips, Etiquette, Rules, etc. This book has all my recommendations for both beginning and intermediate adults and younger students all rolled into one place!

For example, check out the advanced "Steinitzian" concepts on pages There are some fairly difficult problems but most are basic and quite fundamental. Some "Board Vision" puzzles at the back! Rxe7 Qxe7! Downside: does not question weak moves well. Good for all levels !

A follow-up to his more basic "Winning Chess Strategy for Kids. Winning Chess Combinations and Sacrifices, etc. Over problems! Errata: Put White Bishop at d5. It could be the only saving defensive tactic, play and win, or a positional idea. To get to , I would start with positions 5, 15, 18, 26, 27, 39, 63, 68, 75, 80, 82, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Problems good for all levels of difficulty and not just tactics. I agree with most all of the recommendations in this book except doing all levels of tactics repeatedly I only suggest doing easy problems in "The 7 Circles".

Older version is in descriptive notation. This subject is a must for any serious player. Super-expanded fourth edition! Very underrated. Includes not only thought protocols of players of all classes, but also chapters on thought process basics and time management.

Just terrific stuff and very practical. Besides, Andy gives me two entries! Recommended for older players; not for kids. These ideas are so important they are part of my " Big Five " things you should learn first. The 4th ed. Excellent chapter on focal points. This is one of the few advanced books on the subject. Reads like a PhD thesis, not a chess book.

Another Soltis winner. These are all recommended for players rated looking for very serious advanced study.


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