Voodoohn If you are familiar with my reviews you have seen me use a caliper and the Vario pushrod nubs to make perfect pushrods. Once I started breathing again, post flight inspection revealed the clunk stuck at the front of the main tank. If you find that the hub is true and the start shaft at the base is true, measure manaul near the end of the start sceacu. The EVO is a fun helicopter to fly and would make a great practice machine for someone with a larger helicopter that wants to save on fuel and parts. Before your first flight, check for proper servo movement.

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Brak To sceaduu in clutch system installation, a threaded fan hub is also used so centering of the clutch system is effortless. Make up a pushrod with the center to center dimension you got by measuring the screw to screw distance. Also you have a wide range of adjustments you can make that in some other kits would require replacing parts; the adjustable paddle weight is just one example.

This engine is suitable for both F3C and 3D and setting up the engine is very easy. The tail is also driven in low power descents for postive tail control. The QuickUK ball link tool set photo 33 will save a lot of wear and tear on your fingers while assembling all the linkages for the head and control system. Cutting out the canopy is easy, just score the lines lightly with an x-acto knife several times; a new blade will cut through after several passes.

Note that engine cooling was considered a weak spot on the initial version of the Sceadu. When doing this step, make sure you have both bolts on each support started before you tighten anything down. The cabin mounting system is improved with new rubber o rings and new molded mounting posts. Delrin crank lock and homemade fan tool. The EVO is a fun helicopter to fly and would make a great practice machine for someone with a larger helicopter that wants to save on fuel and parts.

Unlike a Raptor, you need to make sure you leave the washer between the front bearing and the fan. Flips both forward and backwards were nearly stationary and I found no need to adjust the radius block to alter the rotor head phasing. First check the run out of the fan hub to within 2 thousandths, then install the clutch and check the end of the start sceaadu right below the milled out spot for the set screw; again look for 2 thousandths or less run out. Main frame This simple yet well thought out main frame design fits both mxnual and 50 size engines.

While not hirobbo, greasing the bearings during assembly will help them last a lot longer. Once you are done, put the start shaft coupler on to the start shaft and install the set screw so it seats on to the flat spot and is securely locktited in place. Turn off the receiver, set the switch to heading hold mode and turn on the receiver. All 30 models have wood mm main blades. Push the control arms towards each other and thread lock and tighten the set screws on the other side. On a breezy day the EVO is still rock solid.

EVO 50 Video Large. Notice that the balls are slightly offset on the servo wheel. Photo 15 shows the screws in this step and are marked with a red dot to save you some time staring at the drawing in the manual. I got mm sticking out of either side. The EVO 50 excels in some areas and other models excel in others. Two flights, two autos, no broken parts; I decided to call it a day. Sceadu Evo parts — Optional parts colour chart for the Evo. The rods between the Z lever and the aileron bell crank are Fan is factory drilled to accept magnet for a throttle governor.

After you install the guide pins into the tail pitch mechanism, slowly spin the black tail pitch guide the part captured by the guide pins with your finger with a very light touch. The push pull elevator control rods. An intermediate pilot will appreciate the carbon blades and engineering excellence in the design of the kit. The X levers are marked L and R, so be sure to put everything where it belongs. The gears are molded of extremely durable plastic for low cost and high reliability.

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Hirobo manuals

Morisar This new hiroobo tank offers substantial flight time increases for the both 30 and 50 size motors. More frame build up. If you are having trouble and the water starts to dry, dip the decal in the water again and start over. A third main-shaft bearing fitted below the main gear further stiffened the frames and give better support to the main shaft for more precise gear mesh during hard aerobatics. Terms of Service Privacy Policy. Hirobo Sceadu Evolution Final versions The helicopter was further developed finally into a 90 size version.


Hirobo Shuttle Sceadu Evolution Instruction Manual

Shakalar New Integrated easily accessible switch mount capable of handling all switch sizes. Make sure they are seated so the face is flush with the flybar control arm. The engine choice was an easy one, the OS 50 Hyper engine sets the standard for 50 class helicopter engines, Majual have 3 of them in Raptors and had no qualms about using one in the Sceadu. Slide it around till you get it where you want it. To put the decals on I used a small bowl and put 5 or 6 drops of dishwashing liquid in and filled it with warm water. Resisting the natural male urge to start tearing into things, I started as I always do by unpacking the manual and reading it cover to cover.





Hirobo Shuttle Sceadu Evolution Manuals


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