Shelves: for-kids The book written by the legend is in fact not a totally interesting maths book on numbers but a story of a girl who had fear of maths. The author says that the purpose of narrating this wonderful story is to take away any fear a child may have of numbers. And I doubt how a kid having fear of numbers would benefit from example like The book written by the legend is in fact not a totally interesting maths book on numbers but a story of a girl who had fear of maths. Or to worst, number 3 says "Every even power of any integer is either a multiple of me or exceeds a multiple of mine by 1"!! I am sure the kid with fear of numbers would develop phobia for maths Such wonder of numbers is summarized would just in 3 pages in a book of pages.

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We see that elders always telling young ones to focus on some subjects as they are tough and require hard work and more efforts to learn; which includes maths.

Let us talk about the book content and what we think of it. Neha is like any other regular town child who any school girl can relate to quite easily. For example read this line: However early she began, it was always a difficult task to get to the school bus stop on time. Seems familiar right?! It is almost same for everyone to run for the school in the morning.

Neha is a genuine girl due to her upbringing. One example of her kind ness is she used to be friend with the elephant of village temple.

The priest of the village temple used to love her as a kid too. And she also cares for the people who care for her. Like when she meet the milkman who delivers at her place; she not only ask about his wellness but also about his family and herd too.

How is Tilotama Mami? And the feelings of any child who hate maths are reflected as: …where she began to hate numbers and feel that they hated her. And a mother-child conversation written in simple words is so real… Appa, I am doing so horribly at Maths. Amma is always angry and I feel as if numbers hate me and I hate them. Only a wise and genuine human being can give such a fantastic advise.

As for numbers, they hate nobody and nobody can afford to hate them. Why, everywhere you look there is fun with numbers. You are not only talented, you are prepared to work hard too. So overall, it is a nice book in terms of literary aspect. The human attributes are explored pretty well. The bond between the temple elephant and Neha is explored nicely. And some information about the numbers and their attributes are of very high level to understand. Especially for the students to whom the book is targeted.

You may start feeling a little boring during the conversation where each number comes one by one to introduce themselves and show their attributes to Neha. The author have tried hard here, but probably that is what makes it heavy dose of medicine for the target readers. However, it is not easy to write a book on numbers and maths which is giving just fun.

Summary: So there are the low points in the book. But, it is a genuine try. The human emotions, the importance of being gentle and helpful, the theory of Karma, etc… are explored quite nicely in the book. The second half have some dull moments, but overall the book is a good package.

It is a simple, no-nonsense book which is worth reading. Over to you: Did you find this review helpful? Share all your remarks with us via comments bellow. You can follow us on Twitter , Facebook and other social networks. And do not forget to share this article with your friends also.

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