En el centro de la llama estaba yo, vestida de negro, orgullosa, alimentando el fuego con mis cabellos rubios, sola. Las miradas de los hombres resbalaban por mi cuerpo sin mancharlo y mi altivo recato obligaba al saludo deferente. La voz clara, casi infantil. Como siempre.

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She passed a large part of her childhood in the sugar plantation called "Eldorado" of her maternal grandfather Francisco Arredondo. She became suicidal, at which point her doctor advised her to change her area of study.

So, in she began studying Hispanic Literature. Between and she studied Drama, and in she took a Library Science course. During her studies she came to know many people who had been exiled during the Spanish Civil War. The republicans were, for her, a strong counterpoint to the strong nationalist tendencies in Mexico at the time. She also wrote for radio and television shows and worked as a translator. Her translation work led to the idea for her first original work, "El membrillo" published in in the university magazine.

From that point on, she did not stop writing. She gave birth to two more children, Ana and Francisco Segovia, and worked with her husband on the Mexican Literature Review, although her name did not appear on it until she separated from him. Several of her stories were published in the Review. In she received a scholarship from the Mexican Center for Writers and in she received another one from the Fairfield Foundation in New York.

Their divorce became official in From this point on, the short story was her preferred style; Only Opus could be considered a short novel. Perhaps as a result of her excessive workload or her psychological conflicts she began to have issues with her spinal column.

She underwent five operations and spent many years in a wheelchair. During this period, Elena Poniatowska described her as "A bedridden women with an indomitable spirit". She picked up her literary studies again, and wrote her masters thesis on the Mexican poet and essayist, Jorge Cuesta. In she finished her studies with an honorable mention. In , her final book of short stories, Los espejos The Mirrors was published. Around her 60th birthday she received several prizes and honors, the most important being an honorary degree from the Autonomous University of Sinaloa on May 27, She spent the last years of her life confined to her bed and on November 2, she died in her apartment in Mexico City.

Her main focus was family and partner relationships. Her stories questioned roles and the status quo. Not only did she expand on eroticism, madness, death, perversion, love, passion, voyeurism, loss of innocence, infidelity and betrayal, but she also denounced hidden secrets in Mexican families, such as sexual abuse, the abuse between parents to their children, authoritarianism, machismo, abortion, incest and bullying.

Her work as a literary critic and essay writer is reflected and captured in a series of texts published by different magazines and cultural supplements of Mexico throughout her time, in which she left her footprint as an intellectual reader and cultural promoter. Arredondo like many others of her time, was a loyal followers of his works. Arredondo was part of the Half Century Generation, a decade that consists of the forties to the mid-fifties.

This time period became definitive for many Mexican artists of all sorts. The members of The Lake House Group not only developed a creative play, they also did critical work with different artistic approaches such as theater, cinema, painting, music, poetry, novels, tales and essays, while also working with topics that were once censored in Mexico. An honorary doctorate was given to her by the UAS on May There was also a second tribute made for her for her quality literary work during the cultural festival of Sinaloa in Most of her characters are involved in ill-fated searches for the Absolute through both excessively passionate and sadomasochistic relationships.

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