The pump will speed up to RPM and pause for three 3 seconds — if there is enough water in the basket, the pump will go out of priming mode and run the commanded speed. Default: 11 minutes The maximum priming time can be set from 1 — 30 minutes. This setting is the amount of time the pump will try to prime before it gives a priming error. If this occurs, fill the pump basket with water and restart the pump.

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LED on indicates Speed 1 is active. LED on indicates Speed 2 is active. LED on indicates Speed 3 is active. LED on indicates Speed 4 is active. Select button: Displays available menu items or enters edit mode for changing a value on line two of the display. Menu button: Accesses the menu items if the pump is stopped. Enter button: Saves current menu item setting. Press this button to acknowledge alarms and warning alerts. The LED is on when active. When the LED is on, the pump is currently running or in a mode to start automatically.

Reset button: Reset alarm or alert. Warning: LED is on if a warning condition is present. Alarm: The red LED is on if an alarm condition occurs. If password protect is not enabled, no key icon is displayed. Starting the pump To start the pump 1. Be sure the pump is powered on and the green power LED is on.

Select one of the speed buttons, then press the Start button LED on to start the pump. Note: The pump can automatically restart if the communication cable is connected. A Speed button is assigned to each of the preset speeds as shown.

To operate the pump at one of the four preset speeds 1. Press the Speed button 1- 4 corresponding to the desired preset speed, and release quickly. The LED above the Speed button will come on as shown. Press the Start button. The pump will quickly ramp to the selected preset speed. Adjusting the pump speed 1. While the pump is running, press the Up Arrow to increase speed setting.

Press the Down Arrow to decrease speed Setting. Press and hold down a Speed Button for three 3 seconds to save speed to the button or press the Enter button to save the speed. Manual Operation: Speed buttons can be programmed for Manual operation. This means the speed button is pressed and then the start button and the pump runs a programmed speed.

Speeds cannot be programmed for Manual operation because there are no buttons associated with them. When the pump is running a Manual Speed Setting speed 1, 2, 3 or 4 button pressed manually and a scheduled speed is set to run, the scheduled speed will take priority regardless of speed RPM assigned to each button. If the pump is running a schedule and a speed button is pressed manually, the pump will run the manually selected speed until the next scheduled speed program. Egg Timer Duration : Speeds can be programmed to run for a duration of time once pressed.

This means that the Speed button is pressed and then the start button and the pump runs a programmed speed and the speed will turn off at the end of a preprogrammed amount of time.

Speeds have no direct pump speed buttons and therefore cannot be programmed with an Egg-Timer. Schedule: The speed button can be programmed to turn on and off at a certain time. When a speed is set to run in Schedule mode it can still be operated manually.

When a speed is programmed to run 23 hours and 59 minutes per day it will not turn off. For example, for the pump to run 24 hours per day, program the pump to start at AM and stop at AM. Programming the Pump When the pump is running, a manual speed and password time out is activated see page 12 the pump can be turned off but it cannot be turned back on. Therefore, it will only run Speeds that are Scheduled to come on at their scheduled Start Time.

This allows the automation system to know which pump to send a command. The default pump address is 1. The pump address can be set from To access the Settings menu: 1. Be sure the green power LED is on and the pump is stopped. Press the Menu button. Press the Select button. To change the pump address, press the Select button. Press Up or Down arrow button to change the address number from Press the Enter button to save the setting. To cancel any changes, press the Escape button to exit edit mode without saving.

Press the Escape button to exit. The system clock can store the correct time for up to 96 hours after power is shut off. To access the Set Time menu: 1. Check that the green power LED is on. The cursor will appear in the Minutes column. Press Up or Down arrow button to set the time. For example, Midnight AM is hr. Press the Select button to change the setting. Press Up or Down arrow button to choose between 24 hr. To access the Temperature Units menu: 1.

The default setting is 3. Screen contrast levels can be adjusted from 1 to 5 units for low or high lighting conditions. Screen will show current contrast setting number. Number will highlight. Settings: Language To access the language menu: 1.

Press the Select button to access the language menu. Press Select to highlight current Language in use. Press the Enter button to select the desired language for the control panel. The default setting is RPM. To access the Set Minimum Speed menu: 1. The cursor will appear in the rst number column ones 6. The default setting is This setting is used to set the maximum running speed of the pump.

A Service Professional must set the Maximum Speed of the pump to not exceed the maximum ow rate of the system on which it will operate. To access the Set Maximum Speed menu: 1. Settings: Password When the Password feature is enabled, the pump will enter into password protection mode for a preprogrammed amount of time after the last button is pressed. The entered password is any combination of four 4 digits.

To access the Password menu: 1. Press Down arrow button. Factory default time is 10 minutes, this means the pump will go into Password Protection mode 10 minutes after the last control panel key press. Press Select to change time setting from 1 minute to 6 hours. Press Select to change the setting. Press Left or Right arrow button to move cursor and press up and down arrow to change password number to desired setting. Password Protection Password: The default for this setting is disabled, which means the pump does not have password protection.

When this feature is enabled, for a preset amount of time after the last button is pressed, the pump display will prompt for the password before allowing access to the control panel and buttons. The password must be a four 4 numeric digit password. Write down the password and keep in a secure place. If the present time is within the scheduled run time the pump will run the scheduled speed.

Speed Schedule a Time to Run the Pump By setting a start time and a stop time, Speeds can be programmed to run a certain speed at a certain time of day. To run a scheduled pump speed, press the Start button LED on. If the start button is pressed during a scheduled speed time, the screen will read Running Speed X and will run speed X.

If priming is enabled, it will prime rst at the maximum RPM setting of the pump before running speed X. To set a schedule to run the pump: 1. Use the Up or Down arrow button to choose the speed you wish to program. Select Manual, Schedule, or Egg Timer for speeds To create a schedule for speed Press Select to highlight manual.


Pentair INTELLIFLO VS-3050 User Manual

Failure to follow safety warnings and instructions can result in severe injury, death, or property damage. Call for additional free copies of these instructions. Therefore, if only one suction outlet smaller than 18" x 23" is used, anyone blocking the suction outlet with their body can be trapped and held against the suction outlet. Disembowelment or drowning can result.


Pentair INTELLIFLO VS-3050 Manuals & User Guides

The IntelliComm provides four pairs of input terminal connections. In this configuration, EasyTouch starts, stops and controls the speed of the IntelliFlo pump. When the EasyTouch does this, it rewrites the IntelliFlo memory, which can take several seconds. This causes a delay after a command is given on the EasyTouch control panel until the IntelliFlo physically responds.


Intelliflo vs-3050 manual


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