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Print The point of a line array is to restrict the directivity of the energy dispersion in such a way that it is "steered" to the right destination in the right quantities. In our example, we want some of the sound steered toward the folks sitting up front, and some steered toward those sitting in back. The trick is to try to get the same perceived loudness in the ears of both groups. A J-shaped line array accomplishes this with its shape. Presuming a slight incline from the front of the room toward the back and the line array suspended above and in front of the folks sitting up front, the bottom part of the array delivers lower amplitude to those in the front pews downfill , and the upper elements of the line array deliver greater sound pressure level toward those seated in back.

Speaker developers have learned to use passive physical cabinet attributes to solve some of these issues, but electronic filtering and delays also figure into the delivery of consistent, phase-coherent, full-bandwidth sound with a reasonably flat response. Without getting too far out into the electronic and mathematical weeds, this is accomplished with analog circuitry, which naturally tapers frequency response and amplitude as necessary on a continuously variable basis, and without the time quantization error that would be introduced with digital circuitry.

Bottom line, this is some very clever science that facilitates small, passive line array speakers that can be used in smaller venues. And as JBL describes specifically what these speakers do, "asymmetrical vertical coverage sends a higher, more concentrated, sound level in the direction of the far area of the room and a lower, more spread out, sound level in the direction of the near area of the room.

The speakers ship with plates and hardware for wall mounting, and the MTC-CBT-SMB1 bracket is available for mounting on a standard 35mm pole but only the 70J-1 - the addition of a 70E-1 precludes speaker-on-a-stick use. Both speakers feature 10 standard M6 insert points, and the 70E-1s include a combining bracket to facilitate attachment to the 70J I set up both configurations at different times, and found the process very simple.

In terms of connection to the amplifier, the inputs are two-lead terminal blocks intended to accept spade connectors. There are two rotary two-position switches on the 70J-1, one that toggles between full-bandwidth, flat response for music and a curve that accentuates high mids to enhance intelligibility of speech.

The other switch toggles between two asymmetrical vertical patterns-narrow degree and broad degree , the former of which is intended for long-throw applications, and the latter of which is preferable for mid-throw applications. These are relatively small speakers, particularly in terms of width, at The 70J-1 features four five-inch LF drivers and 16 one-inch HF drivers, all arrayed along a vertical line.

This complement of drivers yields a broad frequency response, the upper limit of which is 20 kHz, and the lower limit is 60 Hz. The 70E-1 is loaded with four five-inch drivers only, extending the lower limit to 45 Hz. The 70J-1 can handle W, and W when the 70E-1 is attached. Maximum SPL is dB, program with the addition of the 70E-1 , and the impedance of the 70J-1 and both speakers combined is 8 ohms. I sent a broad array of program material through these speakers in both configurations and I was impressed with what I heard.

The energy dispersion over the entire frequency range was very smooth and flat. The asymmetric dispersion pattern works just as advertised, with perceived SPL very consistent from the front of the room to the back. The 70E-1 extends the low-end punch below that of the 70J-1 by itself, but it does not deliver ground-shaking bass-it would be unfair to expect that of speakers this size. I did introduce a single inch subwoofer to the system at one point, and with that extra low-end, I did get very solid SPL across the spectrum.

As a matter of fact, it was sufficiently loud for rooms of the size for which this system is intended. The entire frequency range was represented clearly, with distortion only emerging at the very highest SPLs. The one thing that really impressed me immensely was the stereo image the speakers presented-very distinct point sources for a very obvious spatial image.

Obviously, this is accentuated in the high end, but the panning of various mix components is quite obvious on down through the mids as well. The JBL CBT 70J-1 is a great-sounding speaker that delivers an asymmetrical pattern to grant the user control in a space where a larger-format line array would simply be too much, and helping to tame reverberation in particularly live spaces. Augmentation of low end with a larger subwoofer or two truly delivers full bandwidth at very solid SPLs.


JBL CBT 70J - speaker Specs

These speakers come with a full factory warranty and many of them have no signs of any use or defect. These speakers are priced for quick sale and can ship from our warehouse within 1 business day of ordering. Drivers are coated for moisture, UV and salt resistance. Asymmetrical vertical coverage sends more sound toward far area of room to make front-to-back sound levels more consistent. Switchable voicing provides flat response in music mode or mid-range presence peak in speech mode. What is B-Stock? B-stock is a term used for items that cannot be sold as new but are as close to it as possible.


JBL CBT70J W Column Speaker



JBL CBT70J Column Speaker



CBT Series Passive Controlled-Coverage Columns


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