Dr Joseph Chiappalone has also been banned from applying for medical registration for 12 months in a decision handed down by the Queensland Civil and Administration Tribunal. Dr Chiappalone was a GP in Stanthorpe when he started a sexual relationship with a year-old patient. The two first met at an appointment in November and started regular text messaging and telephone conversations on June 30, The former patient told the tribunal that after that incident, Dr Chiappalone came to her home "regularly", "often However, Dr Chiappalone told the tribunal that he had "rebuffed" the approaches of the former patient on at least three occasions. He acknowledged "being playful and flirtatious in his text messages", and recognised "in hindsight he should have ceased all social contact with the former patient once he realised that she was interested in sexual activity".

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But a sweeping change is occurring to ALL Physicality which will soon exist no more. You are welcome to read at your own pace. I initially restarted this website for those familiar with my words. But it will not take long for those who awaken spiritually to understand what I write and why I write it. Hasten slowly. There is much to understand. Those with True Divine Nous knowledge within them will recognize what these words are, almost immediately on reading them. No one can feign Falsity for Reality.

Reality is what we are witnessing now. I admit that the mindless morons cannot see what is in front of their eyes. But, that is on purpose. They have been blinded by their maker, called the Evil Essence, so as to not be able to see Truth in any shape or form.

They are Wraiths, useless Shadows of the doomed Illusional World. They are not real, not real at all, and soon, like the Wraiths, they will disappear from this Illusion forever! They are the Human Robots and Demons. How stupid can one be to dismiss what is happening as cyclical change? I have told you the timeframe for dissolution of Physical Matter. The bodies we use are made of Physical Matter, so they will be stripped away from us by Dark Matter, another concept that has been verified by those able to witness its activities in the skies.

There is nothing to argue about in this Reality I am describing. Already massive changes can be seen everywhere, especially where the morons do not look — up in the skies. The True Reality is here. To them the evidence comes spontaneously and swiftly. Alas, the Morons, made of artificial electrical circuits clothed with the flesh of fools cannot grasp this Reality.

And so it is that they are doomed, not because they cannot grasp Reality but because they are illusions within the Greater Illusion who have rejected the offer to join the Light! I am not here to argue.

I am here to do a job. That job partly includes the Dissolution of Matter and the Rescue of Viables. You can take that information or leave it. I care not! For practical purposes, it is done, it is done, it is done! There is no longer time, for the Truth I write, these Demons to distort. Unstoppable mechanisms now are enacted to destroy them, and this plane, as I did report. And there is absolutely no validity to their words of malicious retort.

He who still wishes to dispute further what I write, and Truth denies, Can but a blind fool be, as the prophecies reach fruition before his very eyes.

Of Darkness, Despair, Desolation are they who profited from this vile, exploitative Abomination. This fact is abundantly clear, precise, imperviously Able to withstand any spurious refutation. The more you now insult me, the greater will your punishment be, Throughout your encapsulated, suffering eternity! You are condemned and cursed by your own Evil, you see! You have squandered an infinite number of chances to be of Light, continuously. For your end, on no one, no one, do you hear, but yourselves, can blame be.

Hence, the very Evil Essence that makes you think you argue so well, is the very essence which will ensure you will be cast into the darkest regions of Hell. There is no doubt that vehement objectors are Demons most foul, without exception.

And my work now completed, exposing them, has been of immense satisfaction! You know the one: If anything can go wrong, it will! And it will go wrong at the most inconvenient time, etc. I have trouble pasting those YouTube segments here, so look them up yourselves. Many of us, and I am one of that group, are able to see who is who in spiritual terms. This is due to the acquisition of the Special Spiritual Vision we were promised for the Endtime! When it begins operating, it is unmistakable.

Soulless Robots are easy to see. Then there are the Demons. You see the evil instantly! I admit, some hide their identity better than others, but sooner or later their eyes change into the Reptilian forms we have become familiar with!

Look up Reptilian Shapeshifting on Google. Others are our own brothers and sisters of the Light. The most striking sights are the Angelic Consciousnesses in Human Form. I have met quite a few in Human bodies and in Animal bodies.

The energy they emanate is unmistakable. They would not believe what one could say to them, so say nothing. Allow them time to awaken. They will, soon enough! But they are a wonderful sight to behold. They are as beautiful as the demons are ugly. If you are a True Being, this true vision will develop in you before the End. I mention these points because there is no way on Earth one can convince another that this is true, unless it is experienced by the individual.

Thus my Motto: Take it or Leave it! We are not here to convince anyone of anything. The AI Creatures that are automatons will only respond, and only believe, whatever programming is downloaded into them by the controlling super-computers The Archons.. They need to awaken to the connections and gain the information that has been cut off by Evil.

It is no easy matter, but that reconnection is what is called Spiritual Awakening! Now, let me give you a quick example to highlight my words: We have just gone through the Easter Farce. The whole World is entrapped in it. None of the History or Theology of Easter is true!

To programmed idiots what I have just written is horrifying. It is blasphemous, and in earlier, more savage times one could have been burned at the stake for expressing it. The Godforce can manifest emanations from its Highest Energy. We, the Viables, are all progeny of the Godforce. There is no sexism, of course. Gender occurred when the Evil Essence developed gender for procreation. God failed? Ha Ha. So then he thought of sending his one and only male son again Ha Ha down among the rabble he created to have him abused, persecuted and eventually slaughtered by which action the Gates of Heaven would open up for the most evil, robotic idiots he had created.

Can any of this really make sense? Of course not!! And yet…and yet…billions swallow this idiocy. Actually they are forced to by the programming implanted in them by the Evil Overlords.

So here, on these very days just passed, we have the Easter Celebrations to remind us of History which is utter BS. Here is an analogy: A mother sends her son to Guantanamo to strip outside the front gate and stab himself to death by which the guards are aroused enough to seek justice for all and they open the gates, letting all the prisoners who are there most unfairly can escape to the home they will call Paradise.

Does it make any sense to you? It is the same idiocy as the Easter spooky demonic tale! They, the AI mechanical Robots and Demons, claim they slaughtered Jesus to allow themselves the privilege of going to Heaven for his murder opened the gates. Do you really, really believe that BS? Jesus was punished for uttering words as we see in John by being crucified.

That was a very common punishment in those days. But, he survived. He and his family escaped to Gaul. Jesus got ready to reincarnate again later as Manichaeus, King Arthur, Mohammed, and so on! King Arthur is the Liberator using the magic of Excalibur! Mohammed sometimes spelt differently was Jesus, and his writings were very pure and clear.


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'Alien-abducted' doctor reprimanded for patient sex


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