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Also uses Panasonic series proprietary phones, the KX-T line proprietary cordless phone, and single line telephones. Residential Applications The Advanced Hybrid System 3 line capability permits you to separate personal calls, business calls and faxes—yet be able to answer any call from any room with a series phone. Answer the door by answering the phone. The KX-T MHz wireless phone handles 12 lines so you can take personal calls or business calls while taking a walk in the back yard.

The DISA option eliminates the need for a separate fax line. The same DISA option also allows outside callers to connect directly to employees by pushing a button. It even answers the phone with a choice of two second messages.

This way you can make a local call to your office, then access an outside line from the office where rates may be more economical. Seamless integration with the Panasonic Voice Processing Systems allows you to do more than retrieve messages while away from your desk. It also has sophisticated auto attendant functions, interview service and bulletin boards. When you leave your desk to go to the warehouse, the sales floor, or another department take the KX-T MHz wireless proprietary phone.

It transmits over MHz so its reception is crisp and clear.

194R N30 1753 PDF

Panasonic KX-TAW848 User Manual

These applications include one-click dialing, video conferencing, incoming call routing and more. Extensions: With extensions an office can run several devices, such as fax machines and modems, off just one dedicated phone line. Hybrid: A phone that is hybrid is a mix between key systems and PBX systems. Over the years the differences between these 2 types have dwindled and so the benefits of both have been combined — the term hybrid signifies the grouping.


Panasonic KX-TAW848 Features Manual


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