The dialog is framed around a series of 52 questions ranging from traditional philosophy to matters of personal hygiene: Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. Clarissa Chumfong rated it liked it Aug 05, Javan Levey rated it it was ok Jul 28, Most of the book is rough and tumble and very explicit. A third cazaaria to history. Even coming from Moulton, this can only be an understatement.

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Save Story Save this story for later. In , Antonio Vignali, a young Sienese nobleman, founded a lofty-minded humanist society that he called, with boyish irreverence, the Academy of the Stunned Accademia degli Intronati. It appears that quite a bit of member exercise took place also, as is the case at all frat parties, however exalted.

Nevertheless, or perhaps therefore, they acquired an illustrious reputation that they still enjoy. He went into exile a few years later and published nothing else in his lifetime. One was unearthed about ten years ago in a Spanish house that was being demolished. Another copy settled into the bowels of the Vatican, and a nineteenth-century French translation was bequeathed to the British Library. His exemplary introduction is nearly as long as the text itself and twice as worthwhile.

He apparently fathered two legitimate sons, but extant documents make no mention of a wife. His work flaunts his preference for pliant youths of his own class. But the name, Moulton tells us, was an ironic reference to the spiritual battering that refined characters endure in periods of civic violence and instability. Arsiccio describes to Sodo how the Big Cocks and their prideful consorts, the Beautiful Cunts, once formed a dominant party that tyrannized a coalition of the lesser-endowed: the Little Cocks and their allies, the Ugly Cunts and Assholes, whose plot for a democratic revolution was betrayed by the cowardly and opportunistic Balls.

In the course of the fable, the victors reassert their mastery and wreak their revenge with the kind of atrocious violations that recent history has reclaimed from the realm of Sadean fantasy. But then, Arsiccio continues, at the urging of a wise if bloodthirsty seeress known as the Great Cunt of Modena, the vanquished negotiate their differences in a fraternal fashion, and strike back at their oppressors, who are, in turn, slaughtered or dispersed.

Vignali lived at a moment not without a certain cautionary relevance to the present, in which the avidity of a privileged generation shaking itself free from fundamentalism coexists with profound anxiety at the prospect of losing that insouciance to a dictatorship of the right-thinking.

Rabelais and Aretino are probably the best known of the many pungent writers working in the same mode. Almost three hundred years before Sade, Vignali conflates enlightenment with corruption, and, in one of the earliest and, it has to be said, most repellent test cases for free speech, he asserts a quintessential civil liberty, one that becomes more precious as it grows more fragile: the freedom to offend.

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The dialog is framed around a series of 52 questions ranging from traditional philosophy to matters of personal hygiene: The Decameron Third Day in Perspective. The Book of the Prick by Antonio Vignali general information review summaries our review links about the author Title: Trivia About La Cazzaria: The book is remarkable for its frank discussions of sexuality and explicit homoeroticism-especially when compared to other writings cazzarai the period-and for its sophisticated treatment of sexual and political power. A third approach to history. The Book of the Prick — Canada. Amy Skjerseth rated it really liked it Aug 07, Overall rating No ratings yet 0. The Cambridge Companion to Boccaccio. Or, get it for Kobo Super Points!





La cazzaria


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