Akinocage Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. Read more about the condition. Add to watch list Remove from watch list. Learn more — opens keica a new window or tab. Leica ScanStation 3d Scanner HDS This mainly depends on angle of incidence and physical characteristics of the surface, in particular reflectivity, absorbency and permeability.

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Second, with its new family of HDS products, Leica has matured the technology to the point where it is truly now a full-fledged surveying method — not just an interesting technology For example, it utilizes a standard tripod set-up over either a known or an assumed survey point.

Captured point clouds can be accurately aligned to local coordinate systems for direct compatibility with existing project designs. Instrument orientation and a fully selectable field-ofview can be quickly and easily defined with the push of the new QuickScan button. These HDS features combine to not only make laser scanning friendlier for surveyors, but also more productive for all measurement professionals.

Laser Scanning for Surveyors Definition through Density It is the high density of the data, more than any other single feature, which distinguishes this technology from surveying methods based on discrete points. For the surveyor and engineer, this added completeness and visualization translate into a better final deliverable, more accurate and timely designs, and better overall customer value.

Through the commitment and continuing innovation of Leica Geosystems, laser scanning has reached a new plateau that deserves a new distinction in the industry: High-Definition Surveying. Leica welcomes you to the world of HDS. The Leica HDS Family HDS Versatile, multi-purpose scanner that combines high efficiency with high accuracy for a wide range of civil engineering, plant, and building projects.

Therefore, Leica Geosystems, as the industry leader, proudly offers a family of products to service this growing spectrum of uses. This portfolio of products becomes complete with Cyclone TM and CloudWorxTM software, providing a full set of Leica-quality geo-referencing, surveying, and CAD integrated engineering tools for creating accurate deliverables and managing large data sets with unparalleled ease.

HDS Ultra-high speed, shorter range scanner, ideal for projects with very short time windows for field data collection and for other field-efficient needs. Visualize incoming point cloud in real-time! This capability is clearly demonstrated with SmartScan Technology, which allows the instrument operator to selectively capture any region with finer detail as needed. Cross-Sectioning Immediate Measurements Accurate dimensions are measured directly from the point cloud d a t a o r g e o metric objects.

Each point is a survey measurement, with unique Northing, Easting, and Elevation coordinates. Points can be feature-coded and processed for automated map making. Cross-sectional lines and point cloud slices can be instantly generated along an alignment at user-defined station intervals for transportation applicaA1 tions. Point cloud slice management further facilitates the workflow for generating as-builts for building facades, pipe runs, and a variety of other objects.

Visualization High-Definition Surveying provides powerful visualization of the job site, right on your desktop. Users can easily navigate the scene and closely inspect areas of interest. Software plays a critical role in handling the high-definition point clouds effectively and aid the speedy extraction of engineering information.

This complete range of application-specific and industry-relevant Cyclone modules has made working with point clouds easier and more efficient than ever before. However, successful implementation and deployment involves more than the scanner and software. All rights reserved. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

Cyclone 5. This provides a powerful environment for collaborative design on large, complex projects and can significantly reduce project execution time. CloudWorx distributed by Bentley Systems, Inc.

Central Cyclone Server for Efficient Database Management — Cyclone-SERVER eliminates data redundancy and related synchronization issues, frees disk space on workstations, and provides more reliable access in network environments. A dedicated server, administered remotely by authorized users, can serve databases to Cyclone clients on the same network.

Cyclone Modules — Cyclone is composed of individual software modules, allowing customization for the individual client.

Point clouds can be registered to a common coordinate system using constraints defined by HDS targets, common geometry, overlapping point clouds, and survey or control data.

These powerful features Target Registration to Survey Control Points result in optimum registration and provide significant time and cost-savings by reducing the need to place and extract targets. Automatic Target Matching and Registration — Cyclone-REGISTER automatically matches targets or modeled objects from different scanning positions to create a system of constraints, which is used to integrate the point cloud data into a single coordinate system.

Point clouds can be geo-referenced to survey or known control data, quickly and easily. Powerful, Easy-to-Use Cloud Registration — The Cloud Constraints Wizard provides an easy-to-use interface to quickly navigate through data captured from different positions, and to identify overlapping data to establish point cloud constraints for registration.

Cloud constraints can be more extensive and detailed than discrete target constraints, resulting in optimal registration results based on the overlap. Cloud constraints can also be used to further optimize the point cloud data that has also been registered using targets. Detailed registration statistics include the error for each target constraint and the Root Mean Square RMS error and error histogram for each cloud constraint. Cyclone enables engineers and surveyors to quickly and accurately visualize, navigate, measure, and model real-world 3D objects and scenes.

Level of Detail Graphics and Efficient Memory Management — Cyclone features a powerful Level of Detail LOD graphics display engine, balancing the amount of detail rendered in a scene with smooth navigation, to provide highly efficient visualization and manipulation of point clouds and complex models.

When objects are farther away, Cyclone renders less detail, while maintaining a visually accurate representation, resulting in faster interaction and rendering, and in better use of available memory. Table Fitting and Intelligent Piping Models — Piping and steel structure models are created using best-fit algorithms and standard catalogs to ensure accurate representation of real conditions. Virtual Surveyor?

Accurate Topography Models, Surface Deviation Calculations — Powerful tools support complex topographic models, with intelligent mesh decimation that minimizes data size while retaining accurate geometry. Cross-sections along a user-defined alignment, as well as elevation contours, are easily generated from the point cloud data. Station notation relative to an active Alignment further facilitates survey and civil engineering work flows.

Surface Deviation measurement tools provide quantity calculations for excavation and grading projects. Volume quantity and area for cut and fill are calculated for the existing and proposed surfaces. The output includes volume, contours, tables including elevation differences at a user-specified grid sample. The Limit Box Manager enables users to navigate spatially through the database quickly loading and viewing data as-needed. Least-squares fitting and quality-of-fit statistics ensure reliable 3D representation, while sophistiCross-Sections Along an Alignment cated memory management provides high performance.

CloudWorx provides immediate productivity, enabling users to easily visualize and work with 3D point cloud data, create accurate as-builts, check proposed designs against existing site conditions and compare construction progress with design plans in the familiar AutoCAD environment. CloudWorx 3. Tiein locations for proposed retrofit designs can also be easily identified and marked. Powerful Performance and Visualization — 3D laser scanners capture existing conditions in the field to generate a highly visual and accurate representation of reality as 3D point clouds.

CloudWorx uses Cyclone technology to efficiently display point clouds in AutoCAD - merging sophisticated rendering performance, visualization, data management and data interrogation with popular CAD tools.

Civil Engineering Applications — CloudWorx integrates with applications like Autodesk Land Desktop to bring solutions in civil engineering projects - from transportation infrastructure to land development, bridge models and more. The user can extract 3D coordinates to represent site features that are easily identifiable in detailed point clouds.

Original ground points can be extracted for topographic modeling. Point-to-Point Clearance Measurement Point Cloud Display Control — Easy-to-use tools define specific areas of 3D point clouds to display, to focus on particular areas of interest.

For improved visualization, segments of point clouds can be selectively hidden using fences and user-defined cutplanes or slices through the point cloud data. Cyclone CloudWorx 3.

CloudWorx Basic provides a reduced subset of features and is suited primarily for generating 2D deliverables. Accurate Building Documentation — Slices through point cloud data facilitate the creation of planimetric and elevation drawings. Cross sections of point clouds can also be plotted. Point Cloud Management By scanner location Modeling Pipe Modeling: - Least-squares fitting - Fit points inside fence - Grow from pick - Grow a piping run from picks - Connection of piping run - User-defined error tolerance Planar surface patch modeling: - Least-squares fitting - Fit points inside fence - Grow from pick - User-defined error tolerance Best-fit 2D lines, polylines, arcs: - Fit 2D lines, polylines, arcs to point cloud slices - User-defined tolerance Interference Checking Check designs for potential interferences with point clouds Highlight interfering points User-defined parameters Benefits Easy to Learn and Easy to Use Integrated into existing AutoCAD design and work processes Short learning curve Fast, Accurate, Comprehensive, Reality-based Comprehensive as-built data Efficient modeling and information extraction tools Higher confidence as-built projects through sophisticated software algorithms.

Panoramic digital image viewer? Georeferencing over known or assumed survey point? Instrument height H. Target height input during data capture? Point-and-scan QuickScan? Scan filtering to optionally exclude data based on: Area of interest via rectangular areas?

Return intensity? Pre-set drop-down list or custom settings? Scanner command scripting? Independently selectable vertical and horizontal point-to-point measurement spacing? Select by total number of points per unit area or minimum distance between points at specified range? Optical sighting using QuickScan? Environmentally protected by housing and two glass shields Direct drive, brushless Contact-free: optical data link and inductive power transfer Static Internet Protocol IP Address User-defined pixel resolution: Low, Medium, High?

All specifications are subject to change without notice. Technology feature? Minimum requirements for modeling operations are different. Please refer to Cyclone datasheet for specifications. HDS 7 January v1. Technology feature. LEDs indicate charging status and capacity levels Target height input during data capture?

User-defined quality-of-fit checks All specifications are subject to change without notice. HDS 7 Januaryr v1.


Комплект лазерного сканера LEICA Scanstation HDS3000

Mikazuru Results This method can be used for all TLS systems emitting radiation in the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum, as the digital camera is sensitive only leeica this radiation. Email to friends Share on Facebook — opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter — opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest — opens in a new window or tab. See other items More No additional import charges at delivery! Skip to main content. See all condition definitions — opens in a new window or tab Email to friends Share on Facebook — opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter — opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest — opens in a new window or tab Add to watch list. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods.


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