Vedo ancora come fosse adesso Ulisse che prende quel corpo, lo solleva e lo offre ad Atena. Tutto gira intorno ad Achille. Non lo fanno i grandi re, Agamennone re di popoli, o il vecchio Priamo. Sono le donne ad avere sempre una visione pacifica della vita. Come Andromaca, che prega Ettore di essere prima marito e padre, piuttosto che eroe.

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Start your review of Omero, Iliade Write a review Shelves: alessandro-baricco And then he went and sat alone on the shore of the white-foaming sea, and burst into tears, with the infinite ocean before him. He was the lord of the war and the terror of every Trojan. But he burst into tears and like a child began calling his mother. Nor could you tell if he was among the Achaeans or us Trojans: he was a river that had broken its banks and flowed swiftly onward, destroying everything in its path.

Whether he is a coward or brave. No one. And maybe no heart can cultivate an unyielding anger forever. Inscrutable destiny dispenses good and evil. Many consider reading the original, however, to be a much daunting task of epic proportions in the first place, the original is an epic poem, he, he so what Alessandro Baricco did was to remove the gods from the story, condensed everything and tried to make it as short as his masterpiece Silk This is supposed to be like a chess game: two armies clashing in a fixed, designated field of battle with the gods watching and meddling with their affairs, like players moving the warring chess pieces.

He excised many scenes and dialogues, especially the repetitive ones, and made several characters the narrators, each chapter narrated by a specific character. Then he made some additions to the text. So it is still AN Iliad just like the original by Homer. You know the story already from the movie. One beautiful girl, wife of a bigshot in a powerful kingdom, gets seduced by a son of a king of another kingdom who takes her away.

The aggrieved kingdom then launches a thousand ships full of warriors and war materiel to get back their dame. Many, many years later the girl was made into a song "If a face could launch a thousand ships Look, then, at the silliness of human conflicts: a cause for war once, now just a silly love song Fun carnage! It tells the reader precisely who kills whom, giving brief biographical sketches of both the slayer and the slain.

Violence described with precision: "He raise his spear and hurled it. The bronze tip entered near the eye, went through the white teeth, cut the tongue cleanly at the base, and came out through the neck. But no. It continues: "I fell from the chariot--I, a hero--and the last thing I recall is the swift, terrible horses as they swerved in panic. I dog-eared my copy several times to keep track of nice, dramatic quotes from its various characters-narrators.

Samples: "Then I turned and looked for Nestor, the old sage Nestor. I wanted to look him in the eyes, and in his eyes see war die, and the arrogance of those who wish for it, and the folly of those who fight it. Hector, the dead man dragged by Achilles three times around the walls of his city, you should remember him alive, and victorious, and shining in his bronze and silver armour I learned from a queen the words that are left to me now and that I would like to repeat to you: Remember me, remember me, and forget my fate.

Yes, even the river tells its story here and this chapter starts with this: "I had seen years of war, because a river does not run blindly among men. And for years I had heard their groans, because a river does not run deaf where men are dying. Always impassively I had carried to the sea the discharge of that ferocious conflict.

But that day the blood was too much, and the savagery, and the hatred.


Omero, Iliade di Alessandro Baricco: scheda libro e trama



Omero, iliade



Omero, Iliade



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