Click HERE. Is it true you guarantee your stuff works? This is a common question. Read our answer HERE. You have a lot of competitors.

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Click HERE. Is it true you guarantee your stuff works? This is a common question. Read our answer HERE. You have a lot of competitors. Why should I choose MTI? This emphasis and focus on mission performance sets us apart. Read about more that sets us apart HERE.

If I purchase a plan or subscription, how do I access the programming? All of our plans are online, accessible via username and password. Do you have downloadable. But you can print the programming, by week, from your browser. You access individual training plans online via a username and password. Do you have a mobile app? Yes, we do. You own it forever, including any updates we make to the plan. You own them forever, including any updates we make to the plans. You can do it yourself.

Instructions HERE. If I purchase a subscription and have questions about where to start or what plans s to use for my goals, will you help? We answer dozens of training questions from athletes weekly. Email coach mtntactical.

If you add new plans or update existing plans after I subscribe will I have access to them? What Equipment is Required? Where do I find unfamiliar exercises? The Run and Ruck Calculators are listed as exercises. What about nutrition?

Can I see sample training? You are encouraged to do it before purchasing. What if I have more questions? Email rob mtntactical. I followed it from humility to the actual selection training plan Was only able to complete 5 weeks of the selection plan due to timing issues.

I recently returned from SFAS and was selected and a large part of that was due to your programming. I was prepared physically and mentally for all events. Thanks again! After finishing the entire thing I feel incredible. I even had my girlfriend do the program with me. So Thank You, for doing such an excellent job. I owe a large portion of the success to your insights and training programs, specifically the ruck based selection packet and daily operator sessions. We did multiple events virtually back to back over the four day period such as timed 2 mile and 4 mile runs, timed 6 mile and 12 mile rucks and also many team events.

Everything we did involved rucking over long distances as well. Being able to perform to the standard was difficult given the short breaks between timed events and overall sheer volume placed on our bodies from the rucking. Your Ruck Based Selection Program is an excellent training regimen. I attended SFAS last month and was selected! Your Ruck Based Selection Program helped immensely.

I felt more than adequately prepared for the rigors of SFAS. I know the MTI team is always modifying their training programs and looking for ways to improve. After the first two weeks of the program I cut out the IBA runs altogether.

I personally felt that I needed more recovery time during the program and to my knowledge there are no IBA runs during selection itself. I am sure you have good reasons for including loaded runs during the program, but I felt better prepared to conduct the rucks and unloaded runs after cutting out the IBA runs.

After going through selection I feel like this was the right call in my case. In hindsight I would even consider progressively ramping up the weight of the sandbag from 60 to ish pounds. Candidates carry enormous amounts of weight on their backs during team week and I feel that the sandbag-based strength workouts correspond very well to those events. The long rucks on Saturdays can seem extreme during the program but they are the most critical events to prepare for SFAS.

I would encourage anyone preparing for SFAS to not cut these rucks short, because they will be rucking even further during selection. Thanks again for developing this program. I hope the comments help out! Just wanted to say thanks for the knowledge and work that is poured into your programs.

I was able to continue performing long into the course when so many of my peers began to deteriorate. Again, thanks to you and the MTI crew for pointing us in the right direction and making our goals obtainable.


Ruck-Based Selection Training

Kitilar Changes from Urck Two changes — first, we added significant shoulder strength endurance work. Note the rest weeks between plans: On the 6th Round, do as many sit-ups as possible during the second interval — you can rest and start again if necessary — just work the entire 60 seconds. Plan is published for purchase as an individual training plan and made available to our subscribers. I was definitely prepared for the physical aspect thanks to your programming. Since then I have stayed pretty active, drilled with a reserve unit for about a year, kept up my conditioning with kettlebells.





Ruck Based Selection Training Plan V5





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