It can be used for any kind of Ailments or Disaster. Many people have seen its miracles. The good thing about this stotra prayer is that whoever adorns this never gets disappointed. Specially for those whose life is in danger, who are suffering with incurable disease, if any enemy is troubling you, if you have fear of injury, if you have fear of fight then this stotra will protect all your body parts because it is enchanted with all type of protection. If you have lost your job or about to lose your job then by using this chant you can make conditions in your favor. In this Mantra we worship God Ram and expects his divine blessings for success.

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One who chants rama nama daily gets everything what they ask for,there is no sin in this world that cannot be get rid by chanting rama nama,even the person who has commited thousands of brahma hatya will get freedom from sins that he had done in the past if he worships shri rama with devotion,those who worships shri rama in their whole life and chant shri ram jay ram mantra,such person without any doubt reach vaikunth after death that is they get moksha.

Today im sharing one simple prayog which uses very famous rama raksha stotra to remove any kind of difficulties in life and to become highly prosperous. Rama raksha stotra is undoubtedly one of the most powerful kavach which protects the chanter from unseen dangers,the person who chants this kavach daily atleast one time without doubt get all round success in life. He will get freedom from the sins he does in each and every step,he will be respected by everyone and gains health,wealth,name,fame and finally moksha after death with the grace of shri rama.

Whatever sins one has done can be removed by chanting rama raksha stotra thrice daily. One thing readers must keep in mind is sins are the main roots for whatever we suffer,so getting rid of sins is must for everyone. This stotra was composed by sage budha-kaushika,it was given to him by lord shiva in his dreams. This kavach is also called Vajra panjar kavach and it protects one from any kind of dangers caused by enemies,negative energies or due to malefic effects of planets etc.

There is no much procedure in chanting rama raksha stotra. What one must do is he should sit facing east or north direction in front of rama darbar on any asan,if one is not having rama darbar he can also chant in front of an image of shri rama or in his Pooja room,after that light diya and few incense sticks and then he must chant this rama raksha stotra thrice daily.

If he chants 5 times daily it is even better. One gets special grace of shri rama if one chants this stotra 11 times daily during Navaratri. The person who chants this stotra 3 times daily during brahma muhurt without doubt achieves success in life,he will gradually start attracting lots of wealth in his life and his words will be respected by everyone,any wish what you ask will be fulfilled by shri rama,but what requires is devotion.

It is better if one chants this stotra by understanding its meaning,this stotra is simple and its meaning can be understood by anyone,or one can google it for meaning. And one point I would like to tell is that, any stotra or mantra if chanted in secrecy shows extremely quick results.

Women can chant 2 times daily in order to lead a peace and happy life. Parents who wants their children to score good marks and to gain success in any field should chant thrice daily without fail.

Students who are struggling to remember what they study and fail to score good marks in exam inspite of hard work must without fail chant this stotra 2 times daily in front of shri rama stotra. One should cultivate the habit of chanting this stotra in their daily life,once you chant this stotra you will see miracles manifest. If one wants to become valorous and fearless and to gain enormous physical strength he must chant this stotra daily 5 times at dusk.

If one is suffering from an incurable diseases he should take sankalp and chant this stotra 11 times daily for 41 days,he can repeat this anushtan if the disease is more severe. If one is undergoing graha dosha he must chant this stotra 4 times daily at dusk and before chanting he must worship ganesh,shiva parvati,and hanuman. One can chant shri rama jaya rama mantra 1 rosary before and after chanting rama raksha stotra in order to reap the benefits of this stotra quickly.

This stotra can be used for absolutely anything and there is no bar in it,whether it is health,wealth,love and marriage problems,education,success in particular task or in life,getting name,fame and moksha. This stotra provides divine protection especially for women in this age of darkness.

Hope readers by chanting this stotra would get all their wish fulfilled by the grace of shri rama. Note: Women are advised to avoid chanting this stotra during their periods,however they can chant rama nama mentally.


shri ram raksha stotra

It believed, remembering his name when you wake up, destroy all sins and devotee gets the grace of Hari. This is his amazing prayer, which had come from the soul of Shiva. These are the famous Rama mantra and Rama Gayatri mantra, which are used for his veneration. Anyone who listens, reads or writes this prayer gets along with the Raghava.


रक्षा रक्षा स्तोत्र का पाठ करें इस विधि से, श्री राम दूर करेंगे हर विपत्ति

Karou Sithapathi pathu, Hrudayam Jamadagnyajith. Madhyam padu Khara dwamsi, Nabhim Jambhavadasrya, Sugreevesa kateem pathu, sakthithini Hanumath prabhu. Ooru Raghoothama pathuraksha kulavinasa kruth, Januni Sethu kruth padu, Janghe dasamukhandaka, Padou Vibheeshanasreedha, pathu Ramokhilam vapu. Let my shoulders be protected by him who has celestial weapons, Let my arms by him who broke the bow, Let my hands be protected by the husband of Sita, Let my heart be protected by him who won over Parasurama.


Astonishing benefits of Rama raksha stotra

Translated by P. Ramachander This is a very great prayer composed by a saint called Budha Koushika. Several verses are simply quoted from other great stotrams. It is believed that recitation of this great prayer would get rid of all the problems created by the nine planets. Dhyanam Dhyayed Ajanu bahum drutha sara danusham badha padmasanastham, Peetham vaso avasanam nava kamala dala spardhi nethram, prasannam, Vamangaruda Sita mukha kamala milalochanam neeradhabham, Danalangara deeptham datha muru jada mandalam ramachandram. I meditate on that Ramachandra, whose arms reach up to his thighs, Who carries bow and arrows, who sits in a lotus pose, Who is dressed in yellow cloths, who has eyes like the petals of newly opened lotus flower, Who is always pleasant looking, who is the colour of the black cloud, Whose sight is fixed on the lotus eyes of Sita, sitting on his left thigh, And who shines in various decorations and who has a matted hair around his face. Charitham Raghu nadasya satha koti pravistharam, Yekaikamaksharam pumsam maha pathaka nasanam.

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