Nikogal These tajemni descend via consistent truncation from distributions of D3-branes, Teoroa, or M5-branes in ten teoria strun bez tajemnic eleven dimensions. Teoria strun bez tajemnic by Steven Scott Gubser Book 2 editions published in in Polish and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. It is hard to envision how a four dimensional space would look like, and it would be even harder to appreciate the subject given the amount of mathematics that goes into constructing the theory. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Recommended to everyone who likes popular scientific texts and is not afraid to stop in teoria teoria strun bez tajemnic bez tajemnic middle of a book to contemplate the weirdness of existence. From Schwarzschild black holes to rotating teoria strun bez tajemnic colliding black holes, and from gravitational radiation to Hawking radiation and information loss, Steven Gubser and Frans Bze use creative thought experiments and analogies to explain their subject accessibly.

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Especially the ones where the author went on a wild tangent in order to find some excuse to show off about his rock climbing abilities. The explanations are poorly written, and often leave the reader more confused than enlightened. The numerous analogies for the layman are both not able to encapsulate the problem well, and are tediously long. However, the underlying theoretical ideas are none the less fascinating. Having finished a beautiful, elegant popular-level explanation of the main competing quantum gravity theory to strings - LQG - I wanted to be fair and look once again into what the deal is with those damn strings and whether anything worthwhile has been dug up recently.

However, not wanting to waste too much time on a theory Im not sure I buy, I decided to go with this, well, little book on string theory. It, however, Well, I guess the Gubser method of instruction does not work too well on me.

It, however, fails in every which way it can. Then why bother writing a book about them? A good popular science book or, well, science book in general starts by providing you with the fundamental concepts of what you will be learning about, and then slowly fits those together to explain whatever the book is trying to explain.

Here, we get very little of that, in the form of a rough overview of QM and GR. The bottom lineā€¦ well. I started the book on LQG without a clear idea of how it is all supposed to work, and I came out of it with a distinct mental view of the proposed structure of spacetime and a well-defined view of where that theory is going. I went in without a clear idea of how string theory is supposed to work and came out convinced that it is a convoluted mess of incomprehensibly abstract mathematical concepts with little to no connection to any reality, least of all our own.

However if you do you wont be disappointed with this purchase as the author does an amazing job of describing string theory in laymans terms. Not easy to understand if you do not have a science background.





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