Two weeks later. Yes, my age is showing, when late nights, extra wine, and constant networking kills both my feet and stifles my sleep gene. This time she even brought a juicer and a cooler. The authors — I met the most amazing people and fell in love over and over again. I ended up spending most of my time by the bar surrounded by interesting writers of all genres, sharing war stories, laughing, and fangirling over each other. I finally met Abbi Glines and Colleen Hoover and it was a sheer pleasure.

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Waited for him to grab her and challenge the statement. Push her to cop to the emotion like he did all those hours in the bedroom, wringing out every honest response her physical and emotional body hid from him. But he said nothing. Disappointment flooded her, but she told herself it was a good thing. Better to keep the relationship on neutral ground or they might destroy each other. I have a meeting at noon. But Julietta was right. Time to grow some balls and take control of this situation.

The kid opened the door. I have leftovers from yesterday we can heat up. His headset fell around his neck, and the echo of some loud type of rock music pinged in the air. The crazy spikes of his hair were damp and soft, falling into thick curls that told Sawyer the kid had once had a nice set of locks before he decided to torture them. The easy manner disappeared, and a gleam of resolution pierced through tur-quoise eyes. Umm, listen, I was gonna say this to you later, but I figured you had a lot going on with the wedding.

Dread settled in his stomach, but he kept his tone light. Maybe back to New york. We never spoke long-term arrangements here. After all, you paid me a great salary. Do you think you could give me a recommendation? If you want to, of course. His nightmare was coming true. Perhaps Julietta was right. But Sawyer realized he was just a kid who had no direction. No one cared enough to ask him to stay. He was taken back to that night in a flash.

It was dark, and a sliver of moonlight leaked from the broken blinds and played upon the mattresses. He was afraid to leave Danny alone with Asshole, but the sooner he got out, got a job and a place to stay, he could come back and get him.

If he stayed here, his foster father could still use Danny as leverage. The plan was simple. Get out, get successful, and save Danny. Then go to the authorities and nail the son of a bitch. His time had finally come. The sharp thrust of bone met his palm. In the meantime, keep low. Sawyer stared at the boy before him, the past and pres-ent mingling in a strange psychedelic haze. Something deep inside him broke open and oozed out in a big mess he usually refused to deal with. His instincts screamed for him to run away and not look back.

Instead, he crossed his arms in front of his chest and stared hard at the boy. When I first took you in, I just wanted to show you another way to go. I was your age and barely surviving when a guy did me a favor and helped me. Changed my whole future. I never say it because I suck at mushy crap. But I got attached. I like having you around. His mouth hung open in an almost comical way before he realized it and snapped his lips closed.

Julietta wants you to come live with us, too. We got a big-assed mansion where you can have plenty of space and privacy. Plus Julietta cooks. I care about you. Finally, he had done something right. He had won. Are we good? A banked relief carved out the features of his face. For a crazy moment, he ached to give the boy a hug, but he kept his reaction muted, sensing it would be too much emotion for both of them to handle at the moment.

He wondered what other type of surprises his wife-to-be had in store for him. The dominant part of his makeup roared to shove past both of their barriers and take her to bed. But after only two nights, he already craved more. How would he handle the intimacy of seeing her on a daily basis? Sharing meals?

He needed time to find his balance, and that meant no sex. For now. Simple rules. Simple emotions. As long as she never wanted more from him.

Two years. He wondered what it would be like to be a real husband to her, to build a life with children and family and fullness. But the empty place inside him was too cold, an endless landscape of Arctic ice. It was too late for him. He accepted the fact and trudged into his bedroom. Chapter Thirteen Julietta gazed down at the diamond on her finger. Three carats, princess cut, flawless in clarity. The setting was platinum gold with no other diamonds fighting to compete.

Her husband knew her taste well—simplicity and elegance. Thank goodness Venezia and Dominick were in London for business. She wanted no family members there to witness the sham occurring before a Catholic priest. The intricate detail and intimacy of the small church in Bergamo provided the perfect back-drop. Her elegant Rivini wedding dress was exquisite with detail, from the tightly fitted strapless bodice to the spill of chiffon of the fuller skirt, fluid with movement in a deep creamy white color.

The diamond combs held her hair up in a classic upsweep and flashed bright within her dark hair. Her shoes were custom-made, with encrusted diamonds over the four-inches heel and toe, playing a game of hide-and-go-peek as she walked down the aisle. When she moved to the high altar, the rich murals and frescoes etched on the walls exploded with images of color and sacredness.

Her mother and Wolfe stood by their sides as light streamed through the stained-glass window and Julietta waited to see if God would send down a thunderbolt in a sign that this marriage was doomed. When she gazed into those shattering golden eyes, her heart lurched in a beautiful agony of need. The truth whispered deep inside her in mocking tones. She wanted it to be real. What would it feel like to be the woman Sawyer loved? The one who opened up all those dark, dusty corners of his soul and let fresh, clean air blow through?

But there was also a sweetness in his soul that called out to her. Are you okay? The object of her thoughts stood in the doorway of the room she claimed as her office. Wolfe had long since gone to bed. The quiet, impersonal environment mocked the idea that a wedding had taken place just hours ago. It was business as usual, with iPads and laptops and furious text messages to business associates. The house roared up and seemed to demand more personal contact from its inhabitants.


Quotes from The Marriage Merger

It was official. She was a failure. Julietta Conte stared sightlessly at the buttercream-colored wall of her home. Unmarred by any marks or holes by numerous nails, the clean lines usually soothed her. Tonight, the pristine perfection of that wall only made her feel empty. Like an imposter.


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Hello readers, well what can I say this book was utter brilliance. It has everything that makes up a true five star book for my tastes. Great story telling, a touch of heart ache, terrific characters, steamy intimacy and a novel full of hand-on-heart romance, yet again this series has managed to take over my time and thoughts and I loved every page But somewhere beneath the tough exterior and designer suits is a woman who is longing to be loved. Sawyer Wells has spent his life fighting the demons of his past, now a multi million success, he works hard and plays harder.


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It was official. She was a failure. Julietta Conte stared sightlessly at the buttercream-colored wall of her home. Unmarred by any marks or holes by numerous nails, the clean lines usually soothed her. Tonight, the pristine perfection of that wall only made her feel empty.


The Marriage Merger (Marriage to a Billionaire Series #4)

Jouw onweerstaanbare charmes Hij wil haar terug. Zij wil wraak. Presley Cabot lijkt in bijna niets meer op de mollige, verlegen studente die destijds als een blok viel voor de knappe, sportieve Nolan Banks, maar na een nacht met hem samen op vernederende wijze werd gedumpt. Nu is ze een van de schatrijke mede-eigenaren van een succesvol bedrijf en heeft ze haar verleden achter zich gelaten. Maar als Nolan weer opduikt en haar niet eens herkent, ziet ze haar kans om alsnog wraak te nemen. Het plan is simpel: breng hem het hoofd op hol en dump hem daarna keihard. Nolan Banks is er klaar mee om aan de verwachtingen van zijn familie te voldoen.

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