Descartes regulae ad directionem ingenii

Rule I The aim of our studies must be the direction of our mind so that it may form solid and true judgments on whatever matters arise. II We must occupy ourselves only with those objects that our intellectual powers appear competent to know certainly and indubitably. III As regards any subject we propose to investigate, we must inquire not what other people have thought, or what we ourselves conjecture, but what we can clearly and manifestly perceive by intuition or deduce with certainty.

Cargadores y ligadores

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Calendario zaragozano marzo 2012

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Ampere circuital law

Then this current produces a Magnetic Field which circles the wire. The left side of Equation [2] means: If you take any imaginary path that encircles the wire, and you add up the Magnetic Field at each point along that path, then it will numerically equal the amount of current that is encircled by this path which is why we write for encircled or enclosed current. Suppose we have a long wire carrying a constant electric current, I [Amps].

Cannabible 2

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Desenho de moda bina abling

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Bronowski ascent of man

Bronowski wrote in his book The Commonsense of Science: "It has been one of the most destructive modern prejudices that art and science are different and somehow incompatible interests". Both series were commissioned by David Attenborough , then controller of BBC Two , whose colleague Aubrey Singer had been astonished by Attenborough prioritising an arts series given his science background. A few details of the film version were omitted from the book, notably episode 11, "Knowledge or Certainty.